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Naked Running

posted by Chris Barber

We all have run naked before in our lives.  Whether it was a quick crawl at birth or yesterday from the bathroom to the bedroom.  Maybe you lost your clothes on the drive home from work yesterday and had to run inside your house to get some clothes on, I don’t know.  Anyway you go about it, running naked is an experience.   A couple of years ago I participated in a race called the Fig Leaf 5K.  It is held at a nudist resort in the North Georgia mountains.  Participants run completely naked to fully clothed.  I would not recommend running it fully clothed though.  That’s like pigging out at a buffet that you didn’t pay for.   I plan to run this event again this year and make it my own yearly tradition until I am told my body is starting to scare the other runners.

So when I tell people I have run a 5k naked the question I get the most is, “Did it hurt?”  The answer is no.  The human body is an amazing organism that has its own ways to shield against potential problems like running naked.  What do you think the cavemen did when a Mammoth came running at them?  They ran…naked.  I’ll do some more research this weekend about how running naked may effect your body but for now, try running naked in a controlled environment like this race.  It’s so easy even a caveman can do it.  Sorry cavemen if I sound condescending.

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