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Water Running?

posted by runner1

For those who are into trail running, this might be the next big thing: water running. We spotted this video on YouTube recently and were intrigued.

Our guess is this is a clever viral marketing campaign by Hi-Tec (the fleeting product shot w/ the Hi-Tec logo gave it away) but who cares – it’s a great video nonetheless. We really like the fact that the whole thing almost seems believable, that it should be possible to at least get a few steps across the water before sinking (luckily the producers knew when to quit and didn’t have the guy run all the way across the lake). Reminds us of the Mythbusters episode where they tried to create Ninja water walking shoes (and failed) but were ultimately able to run across a liquid mixture of corn starch and water without sinking.

Water running – now that’s a real challenge!

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