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Win a $25 Gift Certificate for adding Trail Runs!

posted by Chris Barber


Running is recession proof, but runners are not.  That’s why we at are going to help you out.  In celebration of National Trail Running Day we will be giving out 2 x $25 Gift Certificates to either or, your choice, to the top two members who add the most Trail Data from now until one day after National Trail Running Day, August 22nd.  Contest ends on September 1st.  That way you can do your gnarly Trail Run on National Trail Running Day, go home and sleep off your dehydration headache; wake up the next morning and upload all of the great data you got on National Trail Running Day and then do it again the next weekend.  Everyday should be National Trail Running Day.  Contestants will receive credit for adding Trails, Trail Reviews, and Trail Photos to the Trail Running section.  The amount that you contribute will be quantified as follows to determine the two winners as such:  3 points for reviewing a Trail Run, 2 points for submitting a new Trail Run, and 1 point per Trail Run photo submitted, up to 5 per Trail Run Listing.  The winner will be picked randomly but entrants will be put in the “hat” one time for every point that they earn.  Bottom line, the more points you earn the better your chances you of winning!  You must be signed in to receive credit for your submissions.  giving back to the Trail Running community, one trail run at a time.


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