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Trail Running Hydration Products

posted by Chris Barber

There is a lot of trail running gear for you to chose from, but the first thing you need to consider when trail running for long distances is how you are going to carry your water.  When running in the city or around your community water is not as much of an issue because of its availability.  I know someone who has a map of the whole city with water locations.  I myself bring five dollars or so in case I get really thirsty and have to stop at a store.  It hasn’t happened yet.  I won’t let myself do it.  When you are on the trail there aren’t water fountains or stores, it’s just you and nature.  And guess what? Mother Nature isn’t going to take care of you anymore.  It’s time you grow up, got a job, and started carrying your own water…and take out the trash on your way out.

You have four responsible options:  carry water bottles, bottle waist pack, fuel belt, or a hydration pack.  I don’t like to have anything in my hands while I’m running so I don’t like running with water bottles.  I’ve got to have my hands free to waive when I pass you of course.  As for the bottle waist pack and fuel belt, I have honestly never tried using one of these.  Although they look very practical, I associate them with fanny packs and have not ventured to try them yet.  I know, I need put on my jean shorts, or jhorts, and get over it.  Either that, or I’ll continue to use a hydration pack.  I like how the weight is towards the top of your back and the shoulders.  Also, the waist and shoulder straps really keep the hydration pack tight to your body.  However, make sure you don’t get it too tight where it can rub against your skin.  Watch out for your neck, hydration packs like to give hickeys.  The other issue is that the drinking tube is tough to keep in place.  Even though there is a holder on most hydration packs it does not seem to stay in it very well when you starting moving your body down the trail.  Overall th0ugh, the best way to carry water is with a hydration pack.  You can carry more water and the position will affect your running less than any other water carrier.  Sweet!

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  1. I like this pack but the bladder is really hard to keep clean and fill on the fly!

    Although for now I am back on hand bottles!