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26.2 Car Sticker, 13.1 Car Sticker, but 3.1 Car Sticker?!

posted by Chris Barber

marathon car stickerI’m going to have to say (well, write) something this time.  I first saw the 26.2 sticker about a year ago.  I believe it was on the back of a station wagon or hatchback of some sort that looked like every outdoor product ever purchased from REI was displayed on the back of the windshield.  I wonder if I could get sponsored by so many companies…

I remember thinking the car sticker was a decent idea, people are proud of running a marathon.  RunningUSA statistics show that there were 467,000 marathon finishers last year.  With a US population of 304 million, that means that .0015% of the population ran a marathon last year.  So if you were one of those runners I’m impressed.  I deduct that about 1% of the population has run at least one  marathon in their lifetime.   Finishing a marathon is a great accomplishment that runners can be proud of for the rest of their life.  It makes sense to attach a permanent sticker to your car signifying this feat.

Then I started seeing the 13.1 stickers, usually appearing on SUVs next to stickers that allow access to a private neighborhood or a favorite beach area.  At first I balked at this display, the first half of a full marathon is the easy part, but then I realized that running a half is still an accomplishment to many runners.  Who am I to judge?

5k-running-sticker-on-carBut now we’ve gone too far with the running stickers.  My brother saw this 3.1 sticker on the back of a car this past weekend (in a burger joint parking lot).  I think anyone that runs, sets goals, and works to accomplish them is awesome, no matter what the distance or goal is, but placing a 3.1 sticker on the back of your car is a little excessive.  I mean seriously, Elementary School kids can run a 5K.  Pretty much anyone can run a 5K.  But my real problem with this is that the sticker is permanent.  So what happens when you want to challenge yourself to run 6.2 miles or farther?  Stickers can’t be removed, that’s what they are made to do, they stick.  Why stop at your first accomplishment, keep pushing yourself, that’s what running is all about.

This is also one reason why I prefer trail races to road races, runners are more focused on finishing the race, pushing their bodies, and seeing what they are made of rather than distance and PRs (personal records).  It’s not because Trail Runners are any different than other runners, it has more to do with the fact that no two trails are exactly the same so PRs are tough to compare.  Also, distances tend to vary more than road races because geographical features keep them from being exact distances.

Either way, whether you are trail running or road running, setting goals and bragging about your accomplishments is part of the positive feedback you get from running, just don’t stick to one accomplishment.  Keep challenging yourself…and don’t put a 3.1 sticker on the back of your car.  That’s lame.  Seriously.



  1. Jeremy says:

    Before I make any comments I need to say up front that I’m an ultrarunner. My perspective on these things is a bit skewed. That being said, yes, having a 3.1 sticker is pretty lame. But it could be less lame if it were on the left side of the car. Then it isn’t an ending, it’s a beginning. On my car I have three stickers. Going from left to right they are “I > 26.2,” “I > 31,” and “I > 50.” The stickers represent a progression as I grow stronger and more ambitious. They aren’t meant to be a stopping point at all, rather they are milestones on my road to becoming a better runner.

  2. Rick O says:

    I think you may have lost sight of the starting line. To you (and me), 5K is a breeze. I freely admit I’ve said “5K is barely a warm-up” more times than I can count.

    But, having just brought together a number of my family members to do a 5K with me, I can emphatically say that 5K was an achievement that some of them had to work very hard to get to. Had someone been handing out 3.1 stickers at the finish line I’m sure a few of them would have slapped them on their windows with glee. It was a big, big deal.

    I’ve got a naturally skinny build, long legs, high arches, and a freakishly hyper metabolism. I’m built to run. I’ve never been overweight, and never had to struggle with dieting. 5K is nothing to me, but I can see that I’m the exception, not the rule. To belittle the effort of my peers because it’s not an effort for me … that’s not who I want to be.

  3. Like my boyfriend said to me when I told him I wanted to take a stab at triathlon because “everyone runs marathons now” — I forget who I surround myself with. The average person doesn’t run marathons. And the 3.1-sticker guy should feel proud that they’ve taken a step in the right direction. While I wouldn’t put a 3.1 sticker on my car, I would absolutely give the guy who did it a high five!

  4. Rob A says:

    Of course, you’re not acknowledging that a 13:30 5k is beyond amazing compared to an average marathoner’s pace.

    Just because a race is longer doesn’t mean one has to be more accomplished to run it.

    That being said, all those stickers are dumb.

  5. Blaine Moore says:

    For a marathon, I get 26.2. People can generally figure out what 26.2 refers to, in my experience. For a 5k, though, why 3.1? Why not 5k? The race is measured in kilometers, not miles, and I’d think that the average person is less likely to know a metric conversion.

    Oh well, for me, I tend to avoid bumper stickers.

  6. Jack Bruce says:

    Yep, I laughed too when I read about the 3.1 sticker. Then I began to think about it. I started running only 10 years ago. My first race was a 10K, (Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta). I was thrilled when I completed it. At the time I thought it was the grandest of all running accomplishments. It was a tremendously huge step for this overweight guy.

    A 5K may also be a huge step for someone. We don’t know, but perhaps the proud bearer of the 3.1 sticker had much to be proud of. Perhaps she just finished treatments for cancer and was a survivor. Perhaps he was recently diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure and told to lose 150 lbs or face an early exit from the race course of life. Perhaps the runner is an amputee who was told they would never walk again. Perhaps she was disabled in some other way.

    OR, perhaps he was perfectly healthy, but rose above 90% of the adult population in our country who can’t run 3 miles. Congratulations Mr. or Mrs. 3.1, –we are proud of you. You are not lame, you are a champ. Keep it up. Proudly tell the world you can do it!

    By the way, I have a 13.1 sticker on rear window. And, yes, within 9 months I hope to peel it off—and it will come off—and replace it with a 26.2 for my 50th birthday.


  7. Paula Kiger says:

    I saw this post briefly today when I was scrolling through FB at a stoplight, and I have thought about it ever since. I understand your point, Chris, definitely. But, it is extremely easy to lose sight of how intimidating 5K/3.1 miles can be to someone who has just started to make it around the block without getting out of breath. We have a big, healthy, diverse club here in Tallahassee, full of ridiculously talented people who for the most part are very giving of their enthusiasm and expertise. But it is easy to unintentionally alienate the people who aren’t “there yet,” may never be, who feel they have achieved a HUGE accomplishment by running a 5K. I have heard the really good runners discussing their runs, saying “at an easy 9 minute pace.” As a mid to back packer whose biggest running goal is running a 5K in less than 30:00 (a goal I have been working toward for about 18 months now), I thought, heck yeah give me a 10 minute mile!! All of which is to say — I get your point and I agree — next thing we know there’ll be a 1.60934 sticker for kids who did a fun run. But stickers or not, it always matters for an individual runner or walker to finish – no matter how long it took and/or if there’s a sticker on their back window proclaiming it. Happy running!

  8. Chris Barber says:

    Thanks to everyone who posted a comment! I think we are all pretty much in agreement here, a 5K is a great accomplishment for some people and none of us should make fun of that, no matter what our ability is. It is true, I know nothing about the driver of the car (other than their license plate #, is that anyone’s friend?), the driver could be a 14 minute 5K runner or someone with a illness that makes running very difficult for them. I like @Jeremy’s idea of putting the sticker on the left side of the car to give the driver room for improvement.

    Overall though I would compare the 5K sticker to putting a bumper sticker on your car that says “My child is a solid C student.” Even though Cs are a big accomplishment and difficult to earn for many students, no one puts that sticker on their car. Parents would rather help their child work harder to earn honor roll than sticking with the overall goal of Cs.

    With that said, I’m impressed with every runner that pushes themselves to put one step in front of the other every day, no matter the distance or time. Some days are tougher than others and we all need to keep challenging ourselves. We’re all runners and our max pace hurts us all the same.

    Happy Trails,


  9. Jeff says:

    Let me start this off by saying these cryptic oval stickers annoy the crap out of me. For those who don’t know the stickers started out in Europe as a way to identify vehicles’ countries of origin since many Euro license plates look the same. Here in the US folks have started “collecting” the stickers as badges for the places they’ve been (OBX, HHI, etc.)

    So placing a 3.1 sticker on your car is sorta like bragging about going to Kansas. Sure not many people have been there and it’s a tough journey along the way – but it’s still Kansas. Likewise, there are at least a dozen 5K races every weekend in Atlanta alone so even non-runners get the idea that it’s not all that special. But wait – non-runners won’t even understand the 3.1 reference so really the driver is trying to impress other runners.

    Now if the Vortex started giving out oval stickers for eating an entire Double Bypass Burger I might reconsider my oval sticker stance… DBB!

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  11. Angela says:

    I will actually have completed a half marathon before I ever run a 5K race. I’m proud of anyone who decides on a fitness goal and conquers it.

  12. Jeff says:

    There are a couple of comments that stick out to me. Like Jeremy I run ultras so my viewpoint is skewed but it generally is when I’m talking to other runners and non-runners alike.

    Many are saying that the general public won’t “get” what the 3.1 means. I say “great, what a wonderful conversation starter!” Think about how this person can tell them “I ran a 5k!” The asker can tell them they could never do that, that’s way too hard, etc. But the sticker bearer has a different message – sure they can! Perhaps that’s what our country needs to motivate non-runners and non-exercising folk to get out there and move a little. I applaud the effort.

    That said I have one sticker on my truck and that’s a proudly displayed “50k” which to me was my first really tough accomplishment as a runner. But that’s me and I don’t mean to look down on someone that runs 5ks, or half marathons or marathons (I BTW find the “you run marathons? how cute” meme very irritating) because they are running those distances for their reasons. It also doesn’t mean I’m stopping at 50k!

    There’s a million stories we could make up about this person and why they chose to add this sticker to their car (and why there were parked at a burger joint for that matter) but the fact is this person is one of the 5-10% that ran a 5k and they are proudly displaying that fact.

  13. Kenley Jones says:

    I love when a can of worms are opened up, as long as I am not the one eating them. In my humble opinion, if SOMEONE ELSE other than me wants to put a sticker on THEIR car, not mine, of 3.1, 3.2, 26.2, I eat doo doo for breakfast with my dog, etc., I do not care one bit. Hey, it’s their car, let them trash it up by all means. Personally, I dislike stickers on cars, as a matter of fact, when I buy a new car, I MAKE the dealership take their advertising sticker OFF or reduce the price and I take it off myself with a heat gun later. I’m not a driving advertiser. I think that running ANY distance is better than not doing anything at all. So if you want to proudly bear the mark of 3.1, go for it proud runner. At least the rest of the running world knows that you run, regardless of distance. If all you EVER run in your life is 3.1, then that is just awesome, but IF I ever chose to like the sticker idea, I would personally wait for the 50k, or 100k, walk, crawl, slide, run, what ever I had to do, because going THAT distance is a feat. A NORMAL healthy person could walk 3.1 miles at the FLEA market and go get a 3.1 sticker, but who is going to walk 100k at one?

  14. Norm says:

    It’s just a joke people! I’ve run lots of marathons, a half dozen ultras and even an Ironman and wouldn’t even dream of putting any of those stickers on my car. I don’t do these races to impress people or brag about it although it’s not bragging if you can back it up. Last year I thought about buying a 13.1 and whiting out the 1 as a joke. What about a 42k sticker?

  15. John says:

    Stickers are permanent?

    Regardless of what some of you with your nose in the air think, for many, many people a 5k is an accomplishment.

    And if it is a thumb in the eye to the 26.2 stickers even better. I’ve started doing 5ks for health reasons, but also for philanthropic ones. Several of the serious runners I’ve met at these things are some of the most pompous, arrogant people I’ve met.

  16. Dave McCorquodale says:

    I have no problem with the stickers. For the particular person who puts it on a car it might represent a huge accomplishment. I have a 26.2 sticker, but for me it’s about letting other runners know there is a runner in the vehicle. Many non-athletes have no idea what 26.2 means.

    By the way, I disagree with the marathon stats because there are many marathoners who run more than one marathon a year. I run about eight and the 50 staters might run 20 or more. So the percentage is lower the 0.15%.

    Side note to John (last post): Yes, the running community has its share of characters, but running can be a form of therapy. After all, they could be drinking away their misery or actually doing harm with real life situations with their arrogance.

  17. Brian R says:

    I am surprised that no one here thought that the 3.1 decal might be an attempt to make an ironic comment on the pretentiousness of all of the distance decals. That was my first thought, anyway.

  18. Dave Richards says:

    DINg DING DING!!! – Brian R wins the prize.

    It’s pretty obvious to me – the 3.1 is mocking the 140.6′s, 26.2′s and so on. Those stickers are about Ego, nothing more.

  19. Jerry H says:

    Right on, Brian R and Dave R! I laughed out loud when I read Brian’s post!
    And I’ll admit to the ego thing… I won’t put a sticker on my car until it is 50k or better, but I have not earned it yet. On second thought, maybe a 3.1 sticker would get some laughs from some folks or better yet, start some “you too can do it” conversations.

  20. Mike in Austin says:

    Yes! I must get me one of those! Hahaha! Hysterical!

    Stickers on a window permanent? What planet do you live on! Just scrape it off like yearly registration and inspection stickers!

    Off to cafe press to buy one!

  21. Ralph says:

    I’m getting a 13.1 sticker and putting it on my back windshield when I do my first HM this Saturday. After that, when I do my first marathon a few months later I’m putting an “X” over the 13.1 and slapping a 26.2 on it. My message to the guy driving behind me; gotta make progress, baby!

  22. Fred says:

    Are you running for your own personal acheivement or bragging rights? When you graduated college did you get a sticker that says 3.9 GPA on your car window? When you landed that first sweet job did you put a sticker that says 80K + benefits on your car? Personal accomplishments should be just that, personal. Yes it is a great personal accomplishment, but beside yourself, your immediated family and friends, who cares? Some people burn more calories talking about their running than actually running races. I find the people with running stickers also the same people who own North Face jackets, trend chasers and status clingers.

  23. First time here so first off, hello!

    I side with Rick O in that I think you lost sight of the starting line. And I’d actually be interested in seeing just how many kids in elementary school can run a 5K – I’d put my money on the side that not many can.

    In today’s world, I’d bet that a majority of the US Population can not run a mile let alone a 5K. On that note, I think that if someone wants to shout from the roof top (or their rear bumper) an accomplishment, we should join in cheering them on.

  24. I was actually looking for a 5K sticker a while back. I may never run much more than a 10K due to a body prone to injuries and also just not being much interested in long distance running. Therefore I’m going to shout from the rooftops all of my accomplishments, including the 5k!

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  26. When I first starting running, I weighed nearly 300 pounds and thought I would die after 30 seconds on the treadmill. Over the past 5 years, I’ve lost over 100 pounds and have worked my way up to (so far) a 10K. Running a 5K is an ENORMOUS accomplishment for a lot of people. Hell, running a MILE is huge for many of us. And I personally think it’s kind of sad that there are those out there who scoff at being proud to have run 3.1 miles. Or 5 kilometers. We all have to start somewhere, and those of us who can only run 3.1 miles (so far) have just as much right to be PROUD and to BRAG as do those of you who have run 26.2 or 50K or whatever.

  27. sheri says:

    I think its sad that you make people like me feel like we are not accomplishing anything since we run 3.1 miles.

    I spent 1999-2008 in and out of wheelchair due to my diabetes neuropathy in my feet. I was seriously overweight and my health was deteriorating rapidly.

    In 2008 I chose to not allow this disease or myself to roll over and die. I was tired of not being able to shop without a wheelchair, I was tired of being sick all the time, I was tired of getting hurt because my body was so weak.

    I lost my weight and began a new life, I was able to WALK my first 5K in October 2010. You don’t think I was proud??? He** yes I was proud! I am even more proud now that I am able to run a 5K without stopping.

    Don’t make people feel less accomplished just because they can’t run a marathon…my husband has run many ultra’s and now he’s preparing for his first 100 miler this summer. He’s NEVER made me feel like my little 3.1 miles aren’t accomplishments. He’s thrilled and proud to see where I am today.

    You need to realize there will always be someone faster than you and someone who can go farther…that doesn’t make what YOU do any less important.

  28. Pam Brown says:

    94 pounds ago I could not have run a 5K. The organization I work for was to benefit from one and I trained and trained for it. I had to walk-run. That was in 2005. Now I have five half marathons behind me and my first marathon is six months away. I celebrate with anyone who wants to put a 3.1 sticker on HIS OR HER OWN CAR. It is not lame.

    Not sure I agree with those who think the 3.1 sticker is an attempt to make fun of the 26.2 stickers. The other day on my drive to work I actually saw a 0.0 sticker. I laughed out loud. That one was making fun of we endurance athletes who put stickers on our cars. And I thought the joke was well-played.

  29. Eric says:

    Brian R: That is exactly I am putting a 3.1 sticker on my car, to make fun of the whole “accomplishment” aspect of running. I run 5ks because that is what I enjoy running.

    When I started running, I barely made it around the block once. It took time, but I made it and I enjoy it, so 3.1 it is.

  30. carol says:

    Hi. There is no difference between having a 3.1 or a 26.2 or any distance sticker that someone likes to run. Maybe the person with the 3.1 mile sticker is an elite runner or a college runner that specializes in the 5k. Maybe they are world class. You never know. Do you think you are somehow superior to them because you race a marathon or whatever it is that you race? It is ignorant to compare distances because there is so much more to running than distance, and so much more to running than times. I celebrate anyone that runs, no matter what the distance. People run for all different reasons. Distance does not equal superiority (unless of course you just ran the Boston marathon and finished in 2:04).

  31. Jim says:

    I just turned 42 in Feb. and did not start running until I turned 41, I played competitive sports all my life and could run a 5 minute mile for a mile 1/2 run in college (25 years ago) I got into running because I hate going to a gym, and I wanted to stay in shape because I have a 8 yr old daughter and a 2 yr old boy. To me I want to inspire my children that no matter what age you are you can do it. I didn’t start with a 5K I started with a sprint triathlon, 1/4 mile swim, 12 mile bike ride and 4 mile run. When I hit the treadmill after years of not running, that first half mile killed me and I was “in shape” after that I went straight to a 10 mile run that is local and then my first half. I just ran my first 10K and plan on running some 5K’s but my ultimate goal is the Ironman, I do my first Olympic this August and my first half this September, with early next year in mind for my Full Ironman. To me all of these are an accomplishment, and I plan on getting not only stickers but each distances tattooed on my calves. The left for the runs and the right for the Triathlons. Like the one person said it should be a stepping stone for more not a stop, I hope to eventually do ultras but I would never make fun or diminish any distance for anyone. Anything that inspires is good, by the way my wife just ran her first 5K, my daughter just ran her first mile run and my 2 yr old boy wants to run in one, so we are putting him in a half. I would be proud to have that half mile sticker (if they made it) on my car. To someone that didn’t know they might would make fun of it thinking it was for me but to me that is a great accomplishment for me… to inspire my family. So don’t get so stressed about it, as long it is important to the person who’s car it is its all good.

  32. Ben says:

    Wow, I thought road cyclist were the only pricks in athletics. I quess runners are the same way in some circles. I have a 140.6 on my window. Pretty pumped about it also. My wife will be doing her first 5k this year. Pretty pumped for her. Hate to tell those who look down on a 5k but until you run a 2.06 martathon shut the hell up. You ain’t much either compared to the winners circle. I think most true elite athletes realize the hardest part of all training/racing is the first step!!

  33. Tad says:

    What a bunch of cry babies…. Get the fuck over it. It’s a sticker! Who cares?

    And to the OP…stickers can be removed, dumbass.

  34. Rogers says:

    It’s a joke. It’s meant to be ironic. It’s a sticker not a baby in trash can.

  35. mm says:

    running is stupid….seriously

  36. Dave says:

    The bigger problem is people who need to put stickers on their car so everyone knows who they are/what they did. The major motive for that is insecurity – you just HAVE to have everyone know. If it makes you feel better knowing the guy behind at the light is probably reading your dumb sticker (running or whatever) then, yes, you have self-worth issues. Now running a marathon and having a car with no stickers… that’s called integrity

  37. Sandy says:

    You all can be some serious haters. I’m familiar with this person. You know what, its on her car because not long ago she had life saving spine surgery (due to cancer) and almost died. Her Dr.’s told her that she’d never walk again. Well, she not only walked, but ran as well. Ran a 5k. Why can’t she be proud? I’m sure you serious runners/ ultras, etc… have NEVER faced what she faced. Stop being such assholes.

  38. anonymous says:

    Just so you guys know….the person who owns that sticker on that car, was told she’d never be able to move from the neck down again after having a tumour removed off of her spine. 18 months later she proved them wrong and ran 3.1. I am thoroughly disgusted by the people that joke and mock it, like it isn’t anything special to be able to run 3.1.

  39. Lelia says:

    Seize the day. I think it’s clear that this driver is working hard at something important to her. Whether she’s working her way back to health or trying something new, we should be happy for her. Why be snarky about a sticker? She’s running! Go go go!

  40. J says:

    How about you get your heads out of your assess. This person has more strength, endurance, and persistence than all of you combined. She had a tumor on her SPINE and after surgery was told she would probably be quadriplegic. And yet, she ran a 5k less than 2 years later. And all you assholes just sit there laughing and mocking someone who is 100x the person any of you could hope to be. Screw you all. You give the rest of us runners a bad name.

  41. PERSON says:

    Everyone on here is idiots. The car that has the 3.1 sticker on it (the car in this picture) is someone who had a tumor on their spine and was paralyzed when it was removed and thru physical therapy fought back against a diagnosis of NEVER WALKING AGAIN to RUN AGAIN. Hope you all enjoyed being JUDGMENTAL IDIOTS!!!!

  42. Not a Runner says:

    I can see from the dates on several recent comments I am here for the same reason as everyone posting after 9/12.

    Get over yourselves. A girl with a tumor that went from being diagnosed with “will never walk again” and had the courage to RUN owns this sticker. Raise your hand if you look like an ass right now.

  43. Mark says:

    Apparently some news story has come out making this particular sticker/car owner a special case? I just happened upon this site as I was thinking of the 3.1 stickers after having seen one about a year ago. Here’s my $0.02.

    I’m a 5k runner. Not a marathoner (though I’ve done one), and not a triathlete. A 5k runner, by choice, because I’m an adult and don’t have to do races that I don’t want to do. I currently train about 25-30 miles/week, though I have in the past been in the 50-60 range (still doing 5ks). This week, I ran a 13-mile training run in 95 minutes, which certainly isn’t going to break any records, but I bet a lot of folks with 13.1 stickers on their cars would be pretty jealous. My PR in the 5k is 17:08, and I’m currently running in the low 18s (at age 38 with two kids).

    I want a 3.1 sticker because that’s my race. Not to prove anything to anyone else, or to brag. Pull my results – there are plenty of people both faster and slower than me. That applies to every runner. Usain Bolt would get his lunch eaten in a 10k by presumably any collegiate cross country runner. As Will Rogers said, “We are all ignorant, only in different subjects.”

    As an athlete, I honor anyone who tries to improve their physical fitness, whether or not they compete. It’s a slippery slope to look down on those who are slower, or run lesser distances. No one wins that competition. I don’t consider myself better than the middle-of-the-pack triathletes who spend thousands of dollars on gear and have only finisher’s medals on their shelf, nor do I consider myself worse than than the machines who could beat me in a 5k at any point in the middle of their last marathon. I am where I am and who I am because it’s where and who I want to be, and I support everyone else who takes the same approach to their personal fitness.

    Also, I want a 3.1 sticker to poke fun at the elitist jerks with their 26.2 and 140.6 stickers. Grow up. :D

  44. J says:

    Not a news story, just some friends sticking up for someone who was feeling SO PROUD of herself for her MONUMENTAL achievement, then felt torn down because someone showed her the comments the ignorant assholes made. Although, I have to agree with you. If that’s your distance of choice, for whatever reason, why not be proud?

  45. Jackie says:

    When I set out to run, my goal was to run the whole 5k, and I did. This was after being diagnosed with a herniated disc L5, and compressed sciatic a year ago. In less than a week, I am running my first 13.1! When I RAN my first 5k I cried, because I was barely able to walk 5 months prior. Everyone out there…be proud of what you accomplish…post the 3.1 proudly, and if you are an ultra marathon person, give a high five to the little guy, because we all have to start somewhere!

  46. Sarah says:

    I have run two half marathons and am training for my third. I do have a 13.1 sticker but it’s not on my car. I saw the 0.0 sticker on a car here in Austin and I really love it! I want to put that on my car just for the sake of irony. Where can I get one?

  47. Ed says:

    I just found this site because I was looking for inside the the window marathon stickers. Here’s my thought, I’ve run marathons before but last year I had a brain tumor removed on Feb 10th. I was 52 at the time. Then I ran the Chicago marathon again on 10-10-10, exactly 8 months after surgery. Am I special, nope, a rarity, nope. Did I inspire someone to run that’s never run before, I hope so. Still looking for that sticker so I can tell my story. Peace out everyone.

  48. Smiddy says:

    :) Lame, 3.1 Oval Sticker?! It is interesting, I am looking for a 50k sticker (magnet really) and happened upon this writeup. There is a local 1.0 mile run, where the organizers give out the stickers for completing it. I think that is kind of neat really. Personally, I would have been proud of a 1.0 sticker a year and a half ago when I started running for health and beauty reasons (ok, as beautiful or handsome as a hairy guy can be, though I dropped 40+ pounds). At 48 and just starting, every inch stone (mile stone) is important to that person. I hope to some day try a 100 miler (or Triathlon or further), but only having finished a marathon once, and considering a 50k now, it took a lot to get to this point, and I cherish every mile, because the next one very well could be my last. I’d be proud of that 3.1 or the 1.0 (even though I’m sporting a 26.2, Tough Mudder, and “I thought they said RUM!” oh, and my running club, Kennekuk ^Trail^ Road Runners ovals). I think since I run 100 yds best (at least I did in high school 11.1) I need to find one of those. LOL Lame, maybe to you, but not to the one wearing their pride. Please take some time a consider it in an accepting way rather than a controversial way next time, that’s all I ask, please! Everyone has a story…

  49. Amberg says:

    The people I know that have a 3.1 sticker have swam 3.1 miles. In the running world a 5k isn’t much, but when you have to swim it it’s pretty impressive.

  50. Megan W says:

    As someone who was NEVER supposed to walk and just did their first 5K this last weekend I find this post beyond offensive. I am beyond proud of my 3.1 miles. Do I have a bumper sticker? No. But would I display a window cling if I could find one, probably. I don’t do the bumper sticker thing to begin with. But the fact of the matter is 3.1 is something that many people will NEVER do. And to some of us finishing a 5K is a BIG deal. And we shouldn’t be ridiculed for being proud of ourselves.

  51. Teresa P. says:

    To Chris …. who cares what you think or anyone else for that matter. I don’t do bumper stickers, but if I did, I would be proud of the accomplishment, just as you would for the 26.2 or what ever you would put on your car. After losing over 100 lbs. and turning 50 this year, I set my goal to try to become a runner. I am starting with a couch to 5K training for 10 weeks. I will then “try” to run a 5K. I’m struggling to run 5 mins. right now. I have NEVER run in my life! When I DO accomplish this, I will be VERY proud of myself for doing this. (and I’m lapping everyone that is still on the couch)! Do I care what YOU think? NO! Get a clue! It’s more than about ego!

  52. Pamala says:

    3.1 miles used to be like a half marathon to me. Some people huff and puff walking 3.1 miles. How many children/teens are out there that barely finishing running a mile. I have since run a half marathon and due to run my 2nd, but I know of some people who have never even dreamed they could run a 5k. I applaud it. You don’t have to be overcoming an injury for this to be an accomplishment. It’s people who make it seem like it’s lame that keep other people from being proud of themselves.

  53. Tom says:

    I’d love to have one of the 0.0 stickers. My wife has run 15 marathons (no DNF’s), and I’m intensely proud of her. I’m a distance cyclist, so I think that sporting one of these stickers on my car would show my respect for her and others, with a sense of humor.

    Go runners – be careful out there!

  54. CCB says:

    I have run lots of 10ks, 10 milers, marathons, cycled 100k bike races and 100 miler bike rides. I workout everyday and I love when people put stickers on their cars! I personally haven’t put any workout stickers on my car, but I do have a Rice University sticker, Johns Hopkins University Graduate School sticker and next will be my son’s Columbia University sticker from the colleges our family has attended. Proud…you betcha!

  55. Christina Garrett says:

    I mean really….this writer sound SO pompous and arrogant. How dare anyone talk badly about someone else’s achievements? WHen I started running, I couldnt do SIXTY seconds….yes that’s right one minute. And now I have my first 10k on saturday, and you’re darn skippy, I’m gonna find me an arrogant sticker that says I can run 6 miles…. Not because I think I’m better than anyone, but because it means that someone has the stick-toitiveness to reach their goals and make life happen….clearly you are so far past that point that you run so you can talk badly about other people. Get a life and stop hating on others.

  56. Beginner runner says:

    Who are you to judge what is lame? Setting goals is a big deal like you said and varies from person to person. I ran my first 5k a few months ago and I was, and still am, VERY proud of this. I wear a necklace with a foot that says 5k on it. Lame? I think not. I went from being a non runner to running a 5k and have since moved on to bigger and better challenges. Celebrating the 5k is not lame or for the weak. It is a reminder of what you accomplished and a visual of how far you have come from where you started. You know NOTHING about the person who has this on their car nor do you know anything of the challenges that they have had to overcome to achieve this. Shame on you. Shame! for making anyone feel like they are less of a person because they are proud to accomplish something that you take for granted. To anyone out there who is taking the challenge to do more than sit on the couch, Good for you! Don’t let small minded individuals get you down. And as for your “reason why I prefer trail races to road races, runners are more focused on finishing the race, pushing their bodies, and seeing what they are made of rather than distance” if this was true, why would a sticker celebrating a 5k bother you? Distance doesn’t matter I thought…

  57. george says:

    These stickers really are lame. I have done all of those distances and have 6 screws and two titanium rods that can attest to the tens of thousands of miles I have put in running over a 25 year period. Not to mention the $200K surgery to fix the degenerative process exacerbated by all of the joint pounding on pavement. Runners run and you can tell a runner by the fact that their heads do not bob up and down as they move forward. If you are bobbing up and down it means your are jogging and not running; I’ll look for you in the neurosurgery unit.

    Peace Out.

  58. Tony O says:

    According to your logic, Olympic swimmers that compete in the 50 meter race should not be proud of their accomplishment, because all Olympic swimmers can swim 50 meters.
    What about the fact that I can finish a 5k in under 20 minutes at 6000 feet above sea level. Faster at sea level. My mom did her first 5k this year, her time was 45 minutes. Should she be less proud of her accomplishment because I can do it more than twice her speed? Jackass.

  59. Danielle says:

    I appreciate all of the people who made comments about posting the 3.1 sticker for personal reasons. Honestly it’s no one’s business why a person decides to slap it on. I’m looking for a 3.1 sticker myself just because I ran my first 5k a few weeks ago and I was a college track athlete! I think it’s fun! Dont sweat the small stuff guys! Anyway like everyone else said grow up and take the stick outta your butt! :-)
    IM BUYING ONE YEA!! I hope you drive past my car lol!

  60. Tim says:

    Interesting to me, how many people saw the sticker as possibly pretentious. Also interesting to me, that many of these same people thought it was absurd to be pretentious about running 3.1 miles, because so many races are longer (such as marathons). It never occurred to me that the sticker was pretentious. I think you can pursue excellence at any distance. Most of the marathoners out there are plodders. I have never put a sticker on my car, but I have considered putting on a 3.1 sticker, just because it’s my favorite race to run. (Actually the mile is my favorite race to run, but it’s pretty hard to find mile races if you’re a masters runner. But a 1.0 sticker would be cute.) Also I thought a 3.1 sticker would be cute, in contrast to the ubiquitous 26.2 stickers. By the way, I ran a marathon a few years ago, but I don’t plan to run another, because I am tall and the training mileage to run a fast marathon is hard on my knees. I wouldn’t put a 26.2 sticker on my car because it isn’t a distance I habitually run. However, I might put a 3.1 sticker on my car, because it is a distance I habitually run–and I probably run it a hell of a lot faster than most of those people with the 26.2 stickers could.

  61. Dave says:

    You’re an idiot. The stickers are permanent but you can always cover the old sticker with a new one that represents the longer distance you have accomplished.