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Twin Mountain Trudge Trail Race Turns Epic (1 of 5)

Monday, January 24th, 2011

2011-twin-lakes-race-hawaiian-shirt-rayOur friend Hawaiian Shirt Ray wanted to share another race story with us.  Thanks Ray!

I would like the thank Alec Muthig, Josh Fuller, Nate, Josh Artery, Ted, the entire Twin Mountain Trudge Crew who stayed late into the night until I was safe and Search & Rescue.  Without all of your help my Epic adventure could have had a very sad ending.

The 2011 Twin Mountain Trudge Turns Epic

Epic is the term that mountain climbers use when they talk about a climb that went wrong.  The party got lost, gear was dropped, days being snowbound in a tent, destroyed camps, or even death.  This year’s Twin Mountain Trudge turned into an epic day for me and all involved in the race.  Just like on a good climbing day, everything starts out fine and then slowly the situation begins to deteriorate.  Some epic tales have a good ending while others do not.  When things start to go bad and the situation begins to become dire, will you be ready to survive?

I am writing about my epic Twin Mountain Trudge because I want to share my experience with you so you can also be prepared for when things turn epic.  I am very experienced in mountaineering, back country adventures, and ultra racing.  Through the years I have never had any of my adventures turn epic, but I am always prepared just in case they do.  And I sure did not think that the Twin Mountain Trudge would have turned into my first Epic adventure.  Take for instance that I always carry a full first-aid kit with me when I hike.  I have been lucky and in over 15 years of hiking in the Colorado Rockies and elsewhere I have never used it.  Does that mean that I should stop taking it?  Of course not.

The Twin Mountain Trudge (aka The Trudge)

This was my second year running the Twin Mountain Trudge.  The Trudge has an 11 mile race and a 22 mile race which is two of the 11 mile laps.  Here is a quote from Alec Muthig’s email about this year’s race:  “The conditions this year could very well prove to be the worst we’ve seen for this race…I NEED to stress that this is an “adventure” event and not a typical trail run.  You need to try to be self sufficient.  We will have a minimal aid station on the course, but you should carry enough for a long, tough outing.  My guess is that the fastest single loop will be around 2.5 hours, with the others being out for over 5 hours…yes, for the single loop.  Please be prepared to be out that long and please plan on emergency situations.  If you get injured it will be quite a bit of time before we can get in a pull you out on a sled.  Will you be able to not go hypothermic in the time it takes us to get to you?  While only 11-12 miles, this truly a backcountry adventure.  Please be prepared.”

This is a serious adventure event and should not be taken lightly.  It is in Wyoming in the middle of winter through tough and challenging terrain.  This year I once again signed up for the 22 mile race and I know firsthand from last year’s race that Alec is 100 percent serious about the conditions and the need to be properly prepared.  This year my preparedness was put to the test…Read More to find out how.

Georgia State 8.5 Mile Trail Running Championship

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

xterra-georiga-trail-raceI’ve been running in the Dirty Spokes Productions trail races for the past two years and they are some of the best trail races I have ever run.  They always offer distances that any type of runner can participate in, have a competitive field of avid trail runners, and are well run trail running races.  The Georgia State Championship Trail Running Race is coming soon so start training.

From the Race Director Tim:

Coming soon is the Georgia State 8.5 Mile Championship Trail Running Race, Tribble Mill Park, Gwinnett Co., October 23rd, 2010! That´s right the official state championship trail running race brought to you by Dirty Spokes Productions!  Here´s your opportunity to find out who´s the best trail runner in the state of Georgia!  We will crown the overall male and female witrail-running-over-bridge-in-georgianners on October 23, 2010 – CASH PAYOUT!  We will be giving away $300 1st Place Male, $200 2nd Place Male, $100 3rd Place Male / $300 1st Place Female, $200 2nd Place Female, $100 3rd Place Female that is the top 3 overall finishers (as well as hand out medals to the top 3 finishers in each age category)! We will also be giving away Sweet Custom Embroidered Running           Jackets (Georgia State Champions – Custom Embroidered) to our Overall top 3 male ⁄ 3 female finishers.  Each runner who finishes out top 3 in their category will receive a “free entry” to the XTERRA Georgia Victoria Bryant 10K Trail Running Race, December 4th, 2010 (you must mail these in and we must receive these by November 15th, 2010 to take advantage of the free entry).

xterra-georiga-trail-runWhat are the qualifications to enter the Georgia State Championship Trail Running Race? None. You don´t have to have run any previous races or have to enter any times to us from any previous races to qualify (you don’t have to be a member of any club or group either). Do you need to be from the state of Georgia to qualify? No, if you live in another state but think you can hold the title in Georgia, not a problem. If you want to compete – come on out!

Each participant will receive a “Dri-Fit” shirt as well as our custom “Georgia State Championship Trail Race Socks” $35.00 value – race registration $40.00 (no guarantee of a dri-fit shirt or custom socks with late or race day registration)!

We will also have FREE PIZZA after the race for all participants from Cooleys Pizza!

Directions To The Park:
Tribble Mill Park
2125 Tribble Mill Pkwy
Lawrenceville – GA, 30045

ENTRY FEES (We will be taking race day registrations):
* Again, NO GUARANTEE of a Green Layer Dri Fit Shirt or Custom Socks with late or race day registration (we will not mail shirts or medals, you must pick them up).

We will be doing chip timing RFID Timing System (each participant will receive their own timing chip at the registration table 10/23/10 – your timing chip will correspond to your name and bib number.  At the end of the race we will collect your timing chip back (after you cross the finish line).  If for some reason you are unable to finish the event we will still need to collect your timing chip (you will be billed $35.00 for any chip lost or not returned).  Once you have started the race you may not change categories (distances).

Packet pickup will be the morning of the race starting at 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Race starts at 8:30 a.m SHARP!

Race Course:
This 8.5 mile race course has a little bit of everything! This is one of the toughest trail running courses we have put together!  The race will start in an open field and quickly narrow down to a double track trail… the first .9 of a mile is back and forth uphill (double track) once you get to the top of the hill you will cross a gravel road and quickly start back down (still double track).  Then you start to hit the single track sections and once you get there you will find this course / terrain is made up of a little bit of everything!  The terrain is rolling hills, steep hills, single track, double track, granite rock outcroppings along with technical sections (tight and twisty along with rocks and roots) along with two shallow creek crossings.  We are calling it the Georgia State Championship Trail Running Race for a reason (bring your “A Game”)!  We will have the GPS Data listed on our site as soon as it is finalized…

So check it out, maybe win some money and run with the elite trail runners of Georgia!

Note:  Pictures above are not from this particular trail race but another Dirty Spokes Productions trail race.

How to Find Your Way if Lost While Trail Running

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


These past two weekends I ran two trail races and during both of them at one point I found myself without any other runners around me.  Once this happened I began to second guess if I was on the right trail.  We all want reassurance from our peers that we are traveling down the right path.  Of course, there were arrows on the ground and tape cutting the trail splits on these trail runs, but when you are running, pushing yourself, and in the zone, you tend to just keep running on the path right in front of you.  The path of least resistance.  However, sometimes it’s best to run down the trail less traveled…

So let’s say you go for a trail run, by yourself, to get out of the city, to be in the forest, and maybe get some clarity.  While attaining your runner’s high, you zone out of your immediate surroundings and suddenly find yourself lost.  You are running by yourself, you don’t have a GPS, or a map but have a general idea of which Cardinal direction you need to travel to find your way back.

What should you do?  Try to survive and wait to be rescued?  Possibly, but if you are trail running, you probably aren’t that far off your intended location.

1.  Walk downhill until you reach water. There are two reasons why you want to find water.  First off, you want to make sure as you aren’t running around in circles which can very easily happen.  Following a water way ensures you go one direction and make progress.  Secondly, population centers are usually on or near waterways, so if you follow one long enough you will reach civilization.  If not, you’ll eventually reach the beach.  Once there, reward yourself with an umbrella drink and a rub down.  You deserve it.

2.  Look at the Moss on the sides of trees. Moss often grows on the North side of the trees.  Based off this you can determine which cardinal direction you want to travel.  Left of North is West.  Right of North is East.  South of North is…well, South.

3.  Find the North Star. If it is night time and you are in the Northern Hemisphere you can find the North Star as the brightest star on the handle of the Little Dipper.  Just think about the big tent in Elementary school with the stars displayed on the ceiling.  The North Star and Little find-your-way-by-sunset-resizeDipper are probably the easiest stars to recognize.  Unlike B-list celebrities, which are often difficult to recognize.

4.  Look up to the clouds. You can look to the sky to pray; while you are looking up there, notice which way the clouds are traveling.  Clouds usually travel East to West.  They don’t follow the exact Cardinal directions but it can point you in the right direction.

5.  Watch the sunset and sunrise. While you’re lost, take time to appreciate the simple things in life like the sunrise and sunset.  The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  Only “ride off into the sunset” if you want to travel West.

Overall, make sure you don’t panic and think rationally.  If you have no idea which direction you should travel then your best option is to just stay put and make yourself visible for possible rescue teams.  Things like bright clothing, fires, and being on a high point are great ways to get yourself noticed.  Being obnoxious and loud is a horrible way to get noticed.  If you have confidence and a calm demeanor you’ll get noticed every time, on and off the trail.

XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series Thrills in the Hills Race Recap

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


This past weekend the 2010 XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Thrills in the Hills at Ft. Yargo Park in Winder, GA was ran.  450 runners from 16 states showed up for the event!  It was beautiful weather for trail running, a vast difference, from the sloppy, muddy fun of last year’s Thrills in the Hills trail race.  This year also introduced the first marathon distance trail run in the XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series!  Check out the over 200 photos from the event on our Facebook fan page.  You just may be pictured if you were there traversing the course!


If you weren’t in the front of the pack and missed it, Errol Josephs, 40, of Lawrenceville, Georgia won the marathon distance with a time of 3:31:58.  Amanda Holshausen, 37, all the way from McCordsville, Indiana, beat all females in the marathon with a time of 3:45:03 and placing 6th overall!  David Bell, 27, of Atlanta, Georgia won the half marathon distance with a time of 1:18:00.  Elena Linn, 24, of Marietta, GA won the half marathon distance with a time of 1:32:13.  All the runners did a great job.  There is one more race in the six race series on June 5th, the XTERRA Georgia Trail Race Deep South.  This is the last race of the season.  Congratulations to everyone who has participated!


Don’t forget to check and see if you made our Facebook fans page photos!



Frogtown Trail Challenge, Oct 10th

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


It’s a challenge.  Don’t you want to challenge yourself?  I ran with swag on the Frogtown Trail Challenge race course about two months ago and had a great time.  I can’t wait to run the Frogtown Trail Challenge Race on October 10th!  The race course has been built by a group of trail runners who have put in a lot of hard work on private land to make a fresh, pristine, challenging, trail running course.  This is why you need to run the Frogtown Trail Challenge, because it’s like blazing the trail but you don’t have to do any of the blazing.  It’s tough to find a trail run that isn’t worn down and is only technical because of exposed roots and rocks.  This race is technical because you are running over and through anything in your path.  On the race course there is ditch jumping, log hopping, rope swinging, creek crossing, stream running, mountain climbing, branch dodging, hay hurdling, trail trudging, mud meddling, and any other present perfect verb you can think of.  Bottom line:  “This ain’t your momma’s trail race!”  Good, my Mom’s trail races are pretty tame and usually non-existent.

The Frogtown Trail Challenge has a new name, new format, and definitely new challenges.  It was previously named the “Trail Race for Camp Grace.”  There is a 10 mile and 4 mile course so any type of runner looking for some adventure should run this race.  If you are traveling from far, thanks for visiting Cumming, GA just outside of Atlanta, come up the night before and camp out on site for only $5 bucks.  There will be porta johns but no running water available so bring your own bottled water.  To entertain you there will be a concert and bonfire on Friday night before the race!  Don’t worry though, it will be lights out at 10 pm.  You have a race to run in the morning!


Register for this great trail running challenge:  $15 for the 4-mile, $20 for the 10-mile, and $25 for race day entry.  You can register online at, Big Peach Running Shoe Stores in Atlanta, or by mail in entry form.  So convenient.  If you don’t register in time, the booth will open at 6:45 on raceday morning for raceday registration and packet pick-up.  All participants will receive a long sleeved color technical shirt letting all your friends know that you accepted the Frogtown Challenge; that’s worth like $100 bucks right there!  What a great value for the race entry; and you don’t even have to worry about paying for race photos, photos will be free and downloadable!  All the proceeds from the race will benefit Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes and Christian Runners organizations.

I can’t wait to run this race, I’ll be there for sure and you should run it too.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Check out a couple of quotes from runners that have already run this great course!

“A true test of skills – balance, uneven terrain running, climbing.  Get a good taste of what a real adventure race would feel like but without all the orienteering, rappelling, canoeing, etc.”  Adventure race without all those non-running activities.  Brilliant!  Non-running activities are for losers.  You want to be a winner don’t you?

“Run for your life.  This is not about racing, it’s about survival.”  A little extreme of a quote, but I agree.  Although there are some very fast sections in this course, just finishing is an great accomplishment.  A challenge for all levels of runners!

So take on this trail challenge!  Stop messing around and get serious.

XTERRA Trail Run – Colorado Series kicking off October 3rd!

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

It’s on like Donkey Kong, well minus the ladder climbing and barrel jumping, but finally the XTERRA Trail Run  Series is coming to Colorado!  Colorado has always been a major place to trail run, that’s why has 117 trails to run listed in that state alone, so why hasn’t the largest trail running series, the XTERRA Trail Run Series, been in Colorado yet?  I don’t know why, but I can forgive them because they are there now with the inagural race on October 3rd, 2009!


The Inagural Marathon of Trail Races at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado Springs will feature a 5k, half-marathon and marathon trail races at Cheyenne Mountain National Park tails.  This race is part of a three race series which is part of the 2010 Championship Series.    The marathon will be a double loop and the half marathon will be a single loop on a packed, groomed, and extra wide race course.  This race will be both challenging and rewarding, but then again, aren’t all challenges accomplished rewarding?  This race is going to be a full race production with water stations, aid stations, and everything else you would expect from a XTERRA Trail Run in the new Colorado Series.

So forget what you might of heard, the Inagural Marathon of Trail Races at Cheyenne Mountain State Park in Colorado Springs is on like Donkey Kong.  Don’t be a donkey and miss out.

XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series – Deep South 15K, Dauset Trails

Monday, May 18th, 2009

It’s time to get Dirty again with Dirty Spokes Productions, LLC’s next event, the 2nd Annual Deep South 15K at the Dauset Trails in Jackson, GA on June 7th.  It’s almost like you don’t need to find awesome trails to run because Dirty Spokes Productions, LLC does the work for you by hosting trail races on all the best trails in Georgia and Alabama in their XTERRA Trail Race Series Georgia/Alabama.  Notice I said you almost don’t need’s trail run listings.


The Dauset Trail System is a 17 mile system that is a great trail run for all levels of trail runners from beginner to expert. This is a single and double track off-road running experience with beautiful scenery. The race will start in an open field (required for spacing) but will soon lead into the woods. The terrain is made up of a little bit of everything, rolling hills, climbs, single track, double track, roots, gravel and concrete drive along with some technical sections. The trails are well marked and fast with minimal climbing. This is a beautiful course that offers something for every runner. Variety and beauty?  I’ve been seeking that my whole life!

Make the Deep South 15K a family weekend trip!  The Dauset Nature Center has a lot to offer families of all ages.  There are farm animals at the barnyard exhibit, a “wonder room” with alligators, turtles, and snakes, or you can search for wildlife on your own by hiking the animal trail where you will find hawks, owls, raccoons, bison, and bobcats!  Like to view your wildlife in a more relaxed setting?  Perfect.  Sit at the picnic tables overlooking the lake while your children feed the large bream, catfish, turtles, ducks, and Canadian geese from the bridge.  You can even bring your own horse and hike the 10 miles of horse trails.  Stay the weekend in the campgrounds and have a family fun weekend.  Don’t have a family yet?  That’s ok, bring your significant other and get married or even re-married at the beautiful chapel.  How romantic.  You know what’s even more romantic?  Running a 15K trail race for your honeymoon.  Awe yeah.  You dog you.

Bottom line, you don’t want to miss this trail race.  I’ve run many of the Dirty Spokes produced XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series Races and each one is superb.  The trails are great and the organization is like a well oiled machine.  There are always plenty of restrooms, post race food and drink, and quick race results.  I like to be able to brag about how fast I ran as soon as possible.  Always a good time and a lot of fun trail racers to socialize with post race.  Great race director, great racers, and great trails, what else do you want?  Sorry, only you can determine whether or not you run a great race.

Go ahead and register online or print off a registration form and send it in the mail.  The entry fee is $35 from now until May 27th so you have 9 days to get your significant other to want to re-marry you.  If you aren’t that smooth, you can register by June 5th for $40 or on race day for $45.  See, it pays to plan ahead.  What do you get for this entry fee other than the experience of running one of the best trail runs in Georgia?  A Zorrel Dri Balance Race Shirt; but those aren’t guaranteed for late registration so hurry up and register.  Want more?  Then run fast.  Awards are handed out to the top 3 overall male and female finishers plus the top 3 male and female finishers in each age group.  Here are the age group categories.

‘Ditch the city’ and run the XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series Deep South 15K.  You’ll be glad you did.

5th Ranger Training Battalion Ranger Run, Mountain Bike Race, and Duathalon

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Have you always wanted to be an Army Ranger?  Then join the Army and go to Ranger school.  However, if you have other commitments that won’t allow you to join the Army then do the next best thing, participate in the 2009 Mountain Ranger Run, Mountain Bike Race, and Duathalon.


The 5th Ranger Training Battalion (5th RTB) in Dahlonega, GA is hosting a 5K and 15K run, duathlon, 34K mountain bike race, and children’s 1 mile fun run on May 30th, 2009 to benefit local charities.  The courses are the most challenging and scenic trails in North Georgia.  They are the trails that Army Rangers use to train on, did you think they would be easy?  Challenge yourself in any of these events.  If you want more of a challenge than just running then try the dualthalon which starts with the 5K runners, transitions into 34K mountain bike race, and ends with a 2 mile run.  Are you more of a team player?  Perfect.  So are Army Rangers.  Teams of six people will participate in the 15K and will be required to stay together through out the race.  Just like a Ranger.  Never leave your teammates behind and finish the race together.  Use this event to bring your organization, club,  or business closer together by accomplishing a difficult tasks as one unit.  The Army has been using this technique to build teams and teach leadership for years, it will work for your group too!

Not only is this a challenging race but it is also a great event for the entire family.  Even your young Rangers can compete and challenge themselves in the 1 mile fun run.  After your family is done being all that they can be, stick around for the other activities.  There will be static displays, awards ceremony, fallen Ranger Memorial Dedication, and a Rangers in Action Demo.  What a great way to see what the men (and not women, who are technically not allowed to be Army Rangers) who are defending the United States.  There will also be a open house which will have Army Ranger combat techniques, military mountaineering, hand-to-hand combat, as well as the static displays.  What a great opportunity to take a peek into what real United States Army Rangers do!

You can register for this awesome event online or by paper.  Register by May 25th to pay the lowest entry fee possible.  The 5K and 15K are currently $25, 34K is $30, duathalon $35, a team of 6 is $100, and the 1-mile fun run is $5.  See, although the Army is uniform they are still able to differentiate prices.  Pay for what you race and stay around for the free Army Ranger entertainment!

Be all that you can be, in the 5th RTeeeeee-B…2009 Ranger Run, Mountain Bike Race, and Duathalon!  What a great way to challenge yourself and see if you have what it takes to be a United States Army Ranger!

TEVA X-1 Evolution Trail Running Shoes

Monday, April 6th, 2009

amazon-teva-picIt’s an Evolution.  This isn’t a Revolution.  There is no forced change.  We are changing, learning, adjusting, evolving to better our experiences.  We are doing like our forefathers did, running through the woods.  Exploring new areas.  Looking for adventure.  Beating the odds.  However, we are a little more enlightened and can now do it more efficiently with the TEVA X-1 Evolution Trail Running Shoes.  TEVA has evolved to give you the trail running shoes that perform the fastest while still giving you the comfort and support you need.  I just got a pair of these trail running shoes and really love them.  I’ve taken the TEVA X-1 Evolution trail running shoes on about five trail runs that were dry, wet, and moist.  I’ve run on asphalt, dirt trails, and grass on the TEVA X-1 Evolutions and they preformed well in all conditions!  Apparently it is due to TEVA’s Spider XC technology which provide, “…extra durability and performance in rugged terrain without sacrificing traction around the river.”  Whatever the technology is, it’s legit.  These shoes are pretty utility.

The TEVA X-1 Evolutions are my second pair of TEVA trail running shoes.  I have a pair of the TEVA X-1 Control 2 trail running shoes which are great for my training because of my need for a little more stability, but the TEVA X-1 Evolution trail running shoes are my trail racing shoes.  These trail running shoes may be engineered for durability, but are they are obviously built for performance.  Their ultra-lightweight, neutral platform, and minimal design make them the fastest trail running shoes I’ve ever tried.  They are manufactured by welding every piece of the shoe together instead of stitching.  Stitching adds more weight and makes the shoes less durable.  See, the TEVA X-1 Evolutions have truly evolved into a better performing shoe.  They even use their patented lug design which not only gives you a great grip, but sheds the mud that sticks to your shoes.  You don’t want to be carrying any extra trail weight during your race.  Add in some leg speed and you’ll be winning trail races in no time!

My favorite feature of these shoes is the upper mesh material.  This material allows your feet to breathe and reduces rubbing which often creates hot spots.  Hot spots are for the night time, not while you’re out on the trail.  Another aspect that I really enjoy but can not find in any other trail running shoe is the TEVA X-1 Evolution’s fresh look.  Before I took them out on the trail I wore them around town.  I got a lot of great responses!  I think people mainly like the Harvest Pumpkin color.  The color is subtle enough that it is not too weird, but loud enough that people notice.  You are like a peacock showing off your feathers when wearing these shoes; minus having to make noise to draw attention to yourself.  You don’t want to be too loud.  This is Harvest Pumpkin.  Buy Halloween Pumpkin colored shoes if you want to be loud.  I love running shoes that not only run well but look good too.  After putting 400 miles on a pair of shoes they are no longer fit for running but are perfectly fine for cruising around town.  I like running shoes that I can do both in and the TEVA X-1 Evolution trail running shoes can do both very well.  They’re so diverse.

So check out the TEVA X-1 Evolutions, increase your speed, perform better and feel good.  Plus you’ll look good doing it and that’s all that really matters anyway.

XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series: Chicopee Woods 10k

Friday, April 3rd, 2009
Courtesy Defiant Photography Atlanta

Courtesy Defiant Photography Atlanta

Don’t miss out on this awesome race in Gainsville, GA (not FL, sorry Tom Petty) on April 25th.  Chicopee Woods 10k is organized by Dirty Spokes Productions, LLC who have been organizing great mountain biking and trail running events all over North Georgia the past couple of years.  I’ve run a couple of trail running events with them and have been very impressed with how well organized the races are.  There is always plenty of food and water, easy registration and packet pick-up, and great awards ceremonies, but the best part is that they always pick the best trails in the area to race.  They take the guess work out of the equation for you!  How thoughtful.

Chicoppe Woods 10k is a single and double track trail race.  It has a large starting area so runners can get their spacing before going into the singletrack portions of the race course.  The trail travels over rolling hills, singletrack, doubletrack, technical sections, and creek crossings.  However, it is not too technical for novice trail runners.  This race is open to any type of runner who just wants to get out of the city on a Saturday morning and run some trails.  The only requirement is that you are able to complete the race at a 16 minutes per mile pace or less.  I’m sure you can walk faster than a 16 minute mile.  If not, then start working on your walking.  It’s ok, some people need a good walking base before they can start running seriously.  You can work out simply by parking your car at the far end of the parking lot!  This race isn’t an asphalt walk though, it’s a nature trail run, so practice walking in the woods to make sure you are fully prepared for the race.

If you are a fast runner you may be able to finish in the top 3 of your respective age group.  I was able to finish first in my age group at the last XTERRA Georgia Trail Run Series Race, Runnin the Rocks, and my life hasn’t been the same since.  I’ve already added it to my resume!  I impress people.  Even if you don’t finish in the top 3 of your age group you will still receive a Sorrel Dri Balance Shirt.  These are really nice, high performance T-shirts.  As soon as you put one on your productivity rises 27%!

You can register for this race online now.  If you are old school (you’re not that old school if you are reading this blog) then you can mail in your paper entry. Currently the entry fee is 30 dollars (the T-shirt alone is probably 25 bucks) but the price will go up after April 15th.  Why act like your not going to run it?  Save some cash for this weekend and register now!  Don’t be lame.