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Why Men Should Run Shirtless

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009


I run with my shirt off.  You’re welcome ladies.  I run shirtless any chance I get; 55 degrees is about my threshold.  As you can see from this picture though, I’m shirtless and the spectators are in heavy coats and knitted caps.  It probably was less than 55 degrees that day.  I recently read a blog, Feet Meet Street, about the Shirtless Coalition.  Well, I’m not one to join too many Coalitions, unless of course it’s Coalition Forces (or better known as US Forces) and freeing a country is involved, but the shirtless debate struck a chord with me.  So I’m here to tell you, if you are male, it’s fine.  I do it all the time.  Sorry ladies, but it’s just another one of those double standard things.  Trust me, I would love for you to be able to run shirtless too, it’s great for your running body; however, it’s just not socially acceptable.  Maybe someday we’ll get enough judges in the supreme court to overturn this terrible law, but until then, us men must maximize our right to run shirtless!  We will run shirtless at any chance we get.  So come on men!  Show your body off with pride!  You earned it, whether by running 20 miles or drinking 20 beers, it’s your body and be proud of it!  Do it for the women!  That’s not reason enough?  Well then here are some other reasons to run shirtless:

Running Style: I feel so free when I run shirtless.  I’m able to run in the most natural form possible; minus the whole shorts and shoes thing.  Honestly though, running without a shirt does allow me to concentrate more on the arm pumping portion of my running form.  Most runners ignore the importance of pumping your arms.  If you have forgotten how to pump your arms then I suggest you run shirtless.

Temperature: It’s obviously much cooler (yeah, there’s a double meaning there) to run with your shirt off.  Your body is able to release the heat and cool itself down easier.  Running shirtless is also a great way to leverage the breeze.  That’s right, I leverage things you can’t even see.  Like a boss.

Suntan: You get a great suntan in places you wouldn’t normally tan while out on the golf course or building a house; you know, things men do.  Women are able to sit outside by a pool all day and get an even tan but that is not a socially acceptable way for a man to tan his upper body.  The only acceptable activities for men are running or boating…or running on a boat, that’s acceptable too.  Run that extra mile and get sunburned so you can see what areas of your body you need to work on.  The areas that are most burnt are the ones that stick out the most.  Try to push those areas back in.

Positive Ego boosting: No matter what you look like, girls are going to look at you.  Don’t look at what their reaction is, just know they are looking at you.  That’s how you boost an ego.  At the beginning of this spring I had a very good looking girl take my picture with her camera phone as I ran by shirtless.  However, I later noticed she was standing in front of a High School…with a book bag.  Ego boost or awkward?  Well, I’ve never had an awkward moment in my life.

Overall Fitness: If you are running with your shirt off you are going to start thinking about what your overall body looks like, not just keeping your weight down with running.  Running with your shirt off will make you realize that you need to work on those pecs and maybe do some crunches, leading to an overall fit body.  It’s all about symmetry.

Go for a shirtless run men!  Show your battle scars and lower back tattoo off with pride!

Coventry’s 5K Run and Walk

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from presenting these opportunities for naked races so I thought I would share the next naked run with you.  The 2009 Nudist 5K series is the Coventry’s 5K Run and Walk.  The race will be held on June 27th at 9:00 am at the Coventry Club & Resort, Milton, Vermont.  This race is run over gravel and trail on the beautiful Coventry Resort property where you can have fun and relax all day after running the race.  Yes, this race is part of the 2009 B.A.R.E. Butt Chasers East Coast Race Series and your time will count toward winning the Butt Chaser award at the end of the season.  What an accomplishment!  Your mother would be so proud.  So let it all hang loose and register for this naked race.  Racing with clothes on is for suckers.  I bet my technique to run my maximum pace would work really well in this race.

Bare Hare Duathlon North

Thursday, May 21st, 2009


I thought this was a really cool race that is has a bit of an unusual twist.  It’s a duathalon, but it’s nude.  Honestly, I don’t have an affliction toward nude races but it is intriguing.  Come on, riding a bike nude?  That’s crazy.  I’m talking about a mountain bike too, not some fat seated beach cruiser.  The Bare Hare Duathlon North is at the Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA on June 20th and is hosted by Butts A’ Running Bare Race Management.  For more information contact Sue Butts or Gary Butts.  I’m serious.  That’s their legal names.  The race consists of a 1.5 mile run on paved roads, a 9 or 4.5 mile mountain bike ride depending on your experience level (although it is a nude race you still have to wear your bike helmet), and then a 5K Trail Run to finish.  If this is too extreme for you to do the duathalon then there is a 1.5 mile fun walk on paved roads as well.  Do the Du…you.

The beginning run winds through the mostly paved roads of Sunny Rest Resort with a challenge towards the end, a 100 yard uphill run on paved surfaces.  It won’t be tough for you though.  Then you are on the bike.  The mountain bike trail is 2 loops on wide groomed paths of hard pack soil, rocks, and exposed roots along with streams and mud.  There are some climbs and decents that will be marked.  The last leg of the race, the trail run is a single loop on trails with the same terrain as the mountain bike leg.  Once done you have completed the “Du-ing,”  the only clothing-optional duathlon ever in the world!  Now that’s an accomplishment.

Make this a destination race.  Sunny Rest Resort and Campground has more than 100 camping & RV sites.  Tenting sites are also fit for electric.  If you are not into roughing it (I don’t blame you, could be pretty rough being naked and all) then they have over 20 motel rooms available.  There are over 190 acres for you to enjoy the trails and nature while being very natural yourself.

Race registration is $40 for individuals and $70 for teams if done by June 12th.  After that the prices increase by $10.  Registration to walk is $20.  You can register online at or you can download the application and send it in.  Go ahead and register and challenge your naked self.  Who needs all those fancy running clothes anyways.  Not me.

Ruff Buff 7K Trail Run

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

I’ve never run a trail race…naked.  Although I am always for trying new things.  I truly believe that success is most accurately measured by how many great cocktails stories you have…and how many visitors you have on your running website.  Thanks for hanging out.  You’re the key to my success.  I’m just Running Down a Dream and going wherever it leads.


The Inaugural Ruff Buff 7K Trail Run will be held on May 30th at the Sunny Rest Resort which encompasses part of the Pocono Mountains in Palmerton, Pennsylvania.  It is the 3rd race in the 2009 B.A.R.E. Butt Chasers East Coast Race Series and will be as awesome as all of the other races in the series.  Go check it out and run for a day of fun, bare or clothed, it’s up to you.  It’s always good to have options when it comes to clothing.  Bring a friend for a small fee of $15.00 to relax at the resort with you.  Entry into the resort will start at 7:00 AM for race-day entries and packet pick-up.  If you want to stay after the race there are great deals at Sunny Rest Resort.  Make a weekend of this destination event!  There is a restaurant, pool & hot tub, tennis courts, showers, and restrooms available on site.

Early entry fee is $25.00 by check or money order by May 22, 2009.  Late entry fee of $30.00 after May 22nd and will be accepted online only until midnight, May 28th.  After that you can bring cash, check, or money order on race day.  You can register online at for a small fee.  Do the responsible thing, write a check and put it in the mail right now.

Who knew running naked down a trail would make you more successful?!  Frank the Tank and I did.  But now you do too!

B.A.R.E. – Bare Your Hide 5K Run & Walk

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009


B.A.R.E. or Butts A’runnin Race Enterprises is starting their new 2009 Bare Butt Chasers East Coast Race Series on May 16 with the Bare Your Hide 5K Run & Walk.  There will be a special prize at the end of the season but you must participate in at least 2 races to qualify.  Run this race and set the tone for your naked domination…of the race series.  This race takes place at the beautiful Carolina Foothills Resort in Chesnee, SC.  Come up the day before the race to do a warm up jog on the trails or just enjoy relaxing with your naked body.

This race starts on gravel roads, then through wooded trails, ending at the terrific finish line on the lawn beside the clubhouse.  Don’t worry, the only spectators for this event will be the members, volunteers, participants, and guests.  So make sure you bring guests who don’t mind seeing your body bouncing up and down on the trail.  Strollers and pets (even if they are participating naked) are not allowed on the race course.  Participants must be 21 years or older so this isn’t a young family event; however, if you have a 30 year old son still living at home then bring him along!  Race entry fee gives you access to the resort for the day but the price for one guest is $15 and the regular resort fees apply to each guest thereafter.  In order to provide the most accurate timing for the race series they will be using ChampionChip.  Don’t worry, you can attach it to your shoes.

Remember, you can run this race fully clothed or nude.  I personally am not a nudist, but have run one of these races before and still talk about it today.  Someone once told me that success is measured by how many cocktail party stories you have.  If that’s true, I want to be more successful than that Ted Turner fellow!  If this is your first time visiting a nudist resort the only thing you need to remember is to bring your own towel to sit on.   It’s nudist ettiquette.

Race registration is $25.00 by May 8th and will be $30.00 after.  Go online and register today…wait, you’re already online.  You can also print, fill out, and send in your registration form.  Either way you can register naked!  Next up, running a 5K naked!

13th Annual Fig Leaf 5K

Friday, April 10th, 2009


I am naked right now, typing this post.  It’s a bit cold, but overall I don’t feel that much different.  I do feel more free in my key strokes.  I also have a towel on my chair so my skin doesn’t stick to the pleather.  I enjoy the fine things in life.  Clothing does serve a purpose other than concealing our bodies from others, but why do we always have clothes on?  I know people so shy that they shower in their bathing suits!  Why do we want to hide our bodies?  Were  are all runners here.  We all have fit bodies.  It’s time to show off what we work hard for!

Show off what you have been able to accomplish at the Fig Leaf 5K in Dawsonville, GA on April 25th!  I’ve run this race before, completely naked minus running shoes and socks, and it was the best time I’ve ever had naked in my life!  Well, one of the best times…it was pretty cool when I was born.  At any rate, this 5k race is held at Paradise Valley Nudist Resort so its legal to be totally bare Frank the Tank.  This race course varies between off-road and on-road.  I wouldn’t recommend running it barefoot.  There are a couple of hills because the resort is located in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia.  Don’t worry, your naked body makes up for the steep inclines with the decrease in wind resistance.  Clothes are so restricting.

After the race, hang out at Paradise Valley Nudist Restort and enjoy the pool or one of the other activities they have available at the resort.  Who knows, this may become a weekend getaway for you and your significant other.  At Paradise Valley Nudist Resort they have three pools, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, tennis courts, hiking trails, table tennis, billiards, and a nightclub with a full bar.  Your race day entry gives you free access to all of these areas!  Play a game of naked Marco Polo during the day then dance the night away in the nightclub.  Add in a 5k race and some naked table tennis and you’ve got an awesome Saturday!

If you are a novice naked runner, (I’m not I ran around the house naked when I was only 3 years old) then there are a couple of things you may want to remember when running this race.  First, you need to wear sunscreen.  Portions of your body will see the light of day that may have never been exposed to the sun.  Also, bring an extra towel.  It is proper etiquette to always sit on your personal towel when using the facilities at the resort.  Makes sense to me.  Also, please remember not to tape your nipples for this race.  It looks weird if you aren’t wearing a shirt.  Go ahead and tape them if you are wearing a shirt though.  Remember this race is clothing optional.  There is a wide range of runners from fully clothed to fully nude.  Running brings us all together.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Some of the race proceeds will go to benefit the American Cancer Society so go ahead and register for a the small entry fee of only 20 dollars!  The entry fee increases to 25 dollars after April 13th so go ahead and register now and save that 5 dollars you got from your tax refund for something else.  Not clothes though, that’s a waste of money.  Packet pick-up is from 8-945 with the race starting at 10.  There is also race day registration available for you procrastinators.

So have fun, show off your fit bod, and be naked!  I am.

Naked Running

Friday, January 9th, 2009

We all have run naked before in our lives.  Whether it was a quick crawl at birth or yesterday from the bathroom to the bedroom.  Maybe you lost your clothes on the drive home from work yesterday and had to run inside your house to get some clothes on, I don’t know.  Anyway you go about it, running naked is an experience.   A couple of years ago I participated in a race called the Fig Leaf 5K.  It is held at a nudist resort in the North Georgia mountains.  Participants run completely naked to fully clothed.  I would not recommend running it fully clothed though.  That’s like pigging out at a buffet that you didn’t pay for.   I plan to run this event again this year and make it my own yearly tradition until I am told my body is starting to scare the other runners.

So when I tell people I have run a 5k naked the question I get the most is, “Did it hurt?”  The answer is no.  The human body is an amazing organism that has its own ways to shield against potential problems like running naked.  What do you think the cavemen did when a Mammoth came running at them?  They ran…naked.  I’ll do some more research this weekend about how running naked may effect your body but for now, try running naked in a controlled environment like this race.  It’s so easy even a caveman can do it.  Sorry cavemen if I sound condescending.