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How to Run in a Running Skirt

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

The things I go through in order to give you the most complete information on running; male or female.  When running the SkirtChasers – Raleigh this weekend I thought it would be a perfect time to conduct some research on skirt running so I borrowed a pink skirt from one my a female friends.  Running in a skirt made sense because the race was called SkirtChasers but then when I thought about it, why was I the one wearing a skirt?  I was doing the chasing.  Did I want the men to chase after me?  Of course not, but I did want to get the experience so I can share it with you.  I’m always working.  I also thought maybe I could line up with the women at the start and win $500 first place prize but decided better against starting any controversy.  So I donned a pink skirt and got ready to run a fun 5K.


Although I am a serious runner, I don’t have to take myself seriously.  A fun 5K is not the time to try to attain your PR, it’s all about a good time.  I ran the SkirtChasers to have fun, enjoy the race, and hang out at the great after party.  Honestly, their concept is close to genius.  Women run this race because they like getting free running skirts.  Men like chasing women and attending events that women are at but SkirtChasers takes it one step further; the single men and women wear a sticker to signify their singality (trust me, it’s a word).  How efficient!  However men, if you really want to attract women at this race then wear a skirt.  Preferably pink.  Sometimes exuding confidence just isn’t enough.  At an opportunity like this you have to step up your game a bit and put your confidence out there for everyone to see.  So what did I learn from running in a skirt?  That I’m sexy…well, that and:

You feel less restricted. Although I had bloomers on (I think that’s what they are called) underneath my skirt I honestly did feel less restricted.  My legs were able to make fluid movements without tight shorts restricting them.  I felt like a gazelle.  A fast female gazelle.

You can look pretty while kicking butt. Every male I passed gave me a great boost of confidence.  I could hear them thinking, ‘I can’t believe a guy in a skirt is beating me.’  I assume it is the same feeling for females wearing a skirt passing a male.  I wouldn’t know though, it’s never happened to me.

You don’t lose speed. Even though I was running this race for fun and didn’t keep time for myself I still ran it fast.  Even when running in a skirt I can’t give anything less than my best when I get out on the race course, no matter what I tell myself prior.  The skirt held up fine, not slowing me down one bit.  It may have even helped me run quicker.  Women are always getting unfair advantages.

Make sure you get the right size. When passing some of the females I did see some that had skirts that were too small.  How could I tell?  Well, when they bounced you could see their lower bum.  Trust me fellas, I’m very conflicted giving out this piece of advice but I’m just an honest guy…even when it hurts.

It was cooler. I did really enjoy the breeze it gave, keeping my overall body cooler.  If you feel cooler, you’re going to run cooler.  It’s simple math.

Overall, I suggest women try running in skirts.  And no, I do not plan on wearing running skirts from now on.  Although I did buy some pretty sweet running kilts today!

New Years Resolutions to Run

Monday, December 15th, 2008

I was recently speaking with one of my friends the other day who said, “My New Year’s resolution this year is the same as last, to lose weight.”  Of course I laughed out loud at my friend’s obvious irony.  I told him what he needed was a more concrete, realistic goal.  If weight loss was the only thing he wanted to achieve, then set a goal in pounds, but then I began to think, “Is weight loss really what he is looking for?”  I think too many of us set weight loss goals in pounds lost and ignore all of the other positive attributes we gain from being in better shape.  Whether it be walking up a couple of flights of stairs without losing our breath or looking better in our clothes, weight loss doesn’t have to be all about the weight.  So I decided instead of a weight loss resolution my friend should just make a “Resolve to Run.”  I then quickly created a group on facebook at to see if others would get behind my cause.  Feel free to join this movement!

I consider myself a serious runner, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to constantly set goals to challenge myself in running.  In order to get behind my own movement I have decided to set a goal this year to qualify for the Boston marathon.  This past year I ran a marathon in which I finished 14 minutes over the qualifying time for Boston.  So I would say this is a lofty but very achievable goal for me.  Wish me luck and I’ll keep you posted on my progress on this blog.

So why get behind Resolve to Run instead of simply to run instead of lose weight?  I’ve found that there is no better way to lose weight and burn calories than to run. I’m not a doctor, but I am a dude who went from 185 to 155 pounds about two years ago and have kept it off! It is simple. No matter what television commercials say or what you tell yourself, the bottom line is: The only way to get the most effective use of your workout is to “beat the street” (or trail). You WILL burn calories. Along with the weight loss benefits you will become more fit overall. You’ll even become more mentally fit, running is the best stress reliever I’ve ever found. Running just makes you feel good. Don’t you want to feel good?

If you Resolve to Run you will stick with it for the whole year. The main reason is because you are able to give yourself positive feedback along the way. Every time you finish a run you feel a sense of accomplishment. Set your goal to run a certain amount every week and then challenge yourself to improve upon that. You will improve. Another great way to get a sense of accomplishment is to make that race you’ve always wanted to run your goal. Honestly, I’ve accomplished many things in my life that I can be very proud of (like being a contestant on the “Price is Right” Bob Barker era), but finishing a marathon ranks in my top five accomplishments for sure. Shoot, I even have it on my resume under interests! Maybe your Resolve to Run will land you a new job. Hey, anything helps in an economy like this one. Did I mention running is free?

So this New Years make a goal you can keep, Resolve to Run. You’ll lose weight, feel healthier, and maybe even accomplish something you can hang your hat on for years to come. So get out there and just RESOLVE TO RUN!  Finishing time this past March at the National Marathon in DC