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Footlocker Faces a Gift Card lawsuit

posted by Chris Barber

Apparently Footlocker faces another lawsuit for their gift cards. The suit was filed in California and charged that Foot Locker illegally sold pre-paid gift cards that are not redeemable below $10. If you received or gave a gift card from Foot Locker this past Christmas and were not able to redeem the full value past $10 you may be entitled to the remaining balance. The court documents said, “…as a result of this deception, defendants have been able to sell more gift cards and products, which constitutes unjust revenue and profits.” Either way, unless you know exactly what type of running shoe you want, Foot Locker probably will not be you best option to give you the information you may need to find the right running shoe for you.

I suggest going to a local shoe store that specializes in running shoes. They can give you a lot of tips and often let you try out the shoes before purchasing. Everyone’s running style is different so just because the shoe fits does not mean you have to wear it! If you don’t have a running shoe store near you, you can check out all the shoe reviews on this site. Otherwise you will have to base the value of running shoes based solely on price and no one wants to do that!