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Congratulations to our Trail Running Review Winners!

posted by Chris Barber


Congratulations to the winners of our Submit a Trail Run Win a $25 Gift Certificate to or Contest!  Maybe we should have used a shorter name.  Anyways, here are the winners in no particular order:




Shoe Guru:  Jason Cook

It was a hard fought race but these guys are true competitors and earned their prize.  Good job guys (sorry, no gals won).  Way to contribute to the community.  I know, you really did it just because you wanted to help your fellow runner and be a part of something bigger than yourself, like the cause to encourage people to run, but we’d like to send you our appreciation anyway.  We insist, seriously., the gift that keeps giving, all-year-long.

So how can you be a winner like these people?  Well, by contributing to  It makes you feel good to help your fellow runner doesn’t it?  We’re not doing a contest per se other than the always happening contest of who is the awesomeness.  Otherwise known as the path to becoming a Serious Runner.  Just like running, it’s a contest against yourself.  How serious can you become?  It takes contributing 150 points worth of shoe reviews, trail listings, or race reviews.  When you become a Serious Runner we will give you a free T-shirt that tells everyone how serious you are.  It’s pretty much a badge of honor to wear proudly.  I have 2189 points.  That’s like 15 T-shirts.  I wear them all at the same time.  I’m just that proud of them and you will be too.

So help your fellow runners by telling them that those new Adidas Response Trail Running shoes are gnarly or that you found a cool new trail to run near your crib.  Not only will they appreciate the help but they will think you are hip because you use words like gnarly and crib.  Radical!