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Running For A Cause

posted by Chris Barber

You may think you’re a rebel without a cause, but you’d be a lot cooler if you were a runner with a cause.  There are many different races available that donate proceeds to charities and causes.  This morning I went to the Komen Atlanta Race for the Cure and there were thousands of people running (and walking) for one cause.  It was amazing.  All of the participants were from different backgrounds and age groups, but they were all there.  Why is running something that can be done for a cause?


Runners are people who display determination.  They are the type of people that will take a difficult task head on and not give up.  They are the type of people who work hard to achieve all of their goals and like doing it.  Don’t you want to be a runner now?  You should.  The point is, these are the type of people who want to donate their time and effort to help worthy charities and causes.  However, it is not merely that runners are attracted to causes, but also that completing races and events are big accomplishments.  It is something that takes hard work and effort.  That is why running is a great way to “earn” money for causes and charities.

But the money earned is not the only positive benefit from running for a cause, participants get enjoyment giving and helping others.  So why not get this same feeling from helping yourself?   Why not run for your own cause?  You know you are number one in my book.  We all know that we don’t get as much back from running as we put in, but what we do get is the satisfaction of pushing ourselves, challenging ourselves, and making us stronger.  These are the immeasurable benefits from giving to running and expecting nothing in return.

So don’t just run for any cause, try to run for your own cause and give back to yourself.  If you have run so far that you have “run” out of causes then do like me, put a friend on your back and carry him along with you!  It’s all about people helping people…help themselves.



  1. Amy Reinink says:

    One of the most motivational parts of running a marathon is seeing the back of other runners’ shirts. For every one emblazoned with something like “Run like you stole something” or “I immediately regret this decision,” there’s a shirt dedicating the race to a charity, or to a family member who’s passed away. It’s hard not to get a rush out of knowing that the runner next to you is keeping his or her butt in gear to honor a lost loved one, or to raise thousands of dollars for a cause they believe in.

  2. Chris Barber says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I think runners are more aware of themselves, who they are and what they are capable of, which leads them to dedicate their runs and raise funds for others.

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