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Vibram Five Fingers Review

posted by Chris Barber

Yes, I’m writing about something I have not tried yet.  Sometimes our job is to start conversations, spread information, and increase awareness.  I mean it is the Internet and all.  I’m Chris Barber and I just found the Internet.


So I’ve heard a lot of talk about Vibram Five Fingers this past week and I thought it was something I should share with you.  One of the places I saw people talking about the Vibram Five Fingers was in our Running Forum. Here was the answer that was given:

“They’re just about as ugly as your feet — though more colorful!

As far as running in them, there are a lot of people doing it. For example, see this interview with a runner who’s done 2 50Ks and 2 marathons in his FiveFingers.

There are also many types of Vibram Five Fingers depending on what type of activity you plan to use them for.  More info on styles.

It’s hard to argue with the fact that your feet were designed by 10s of thousands of years of evolution to handle the pressures of walking and running around the earth without wearing padded shoes. In other words, most sneakers are messing with mother nature’s plan for your feet — to be unshod and free.  More on this here.  And more on VFFs generally.”



  1. firegirlsrun says:

    Please let me know. I love new things…..and FYI…Johnsons baby oil lotion will work great for your scaley legs! LMAO!!!!! J/K

  2. Chris Barber says:

    Thanks but the picture is of a friend of mine…hence I have not tried them yet. I personally shave my legs in order for them to heal quicker from gnarly trail running injuries. I’m extreme.

  3. [...] running style when making the transition to a minimalist running shoe.  Before you put on your new vibram five fingers or minimalist running shoes and go for a 20 mile run you need to make sure you are running in them [...]

  4. [...] try the New Balance 100s as my minimalist shoe because they offer more support than something like Vibram Five Fingers and are tough enough for the trail, which is where I run mostly.  I started with a little street [...]

  5. Prosper Lukko says:

    So.. I’m trying to buy some Vibram shoes for my cousin, and she LOVES bright blue.. And I wanted to know where you got the bright blue ones in your photo, because those would be perfect for her. I’ve looked on their website, and didn’t find a pair that color. If you could tell me, it would be much appreciated.

    1. Chris Barber says:

      Hey Prosper, you can get those blue ones here on

  6. henrytsai says:

    five fingers,my look so cool when you wear them on

  7. That’s right, the vibram FiveFingers are little added than soles onthe basal of your feet: they acquiesce complete toe break orsplaying, they accept no heel, and the sole is just blubbery abundant to be puncture resistant. Wearing Five Fingers for a run is a liberating experience: you can feel every piece, every bit of bedrock and alluvium you walk over. You’re never bent off guard: compared to accustomed shoes,your anxiety feel alive, no best aloof and detached.

    five fingers sprint are lightweight, thin-soled shoes with toes that resemble gloves for the feet. These shoes are advised to carbon the feeling of traveling barefoot. They are accepted for able-bodied activities such as hiking, running, appropriation weights, workouts, yoga and baptize sports.

    Vibram FiveFingers are the latest development in minimalist able-bodied footwear. Unlike thick-soled acceptable active shoes, which beanbag and abutment your feet, FiveFingers are advised to restore the accustomed strength and advancement of your feet. vibram FiveFingers accommodate alone a attenuate layer of elastic amid your bottom and the ground, and acquiesce your toes to move and angle independently. Tony Post, the admiral of Vibram, ays that this appearance of shoe allows the bottom to blot shock added efficiently.

    Our advocate architecture makes anxiety convalescent by acceptance them to move added by itself and freely.
    The archetypal animal bottom is an anatomical curiosity of change with 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 anatomy and hundreds of acoustic receptors, tendons and ligaments. five fingers sprint Like the blow of the body, to accumulate our anxiety healthy, they charge to be angry and exercised.