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Arm Sleeves for your Running Arms

posted by Chris Barber


Arm sleeves are fast becoming popular in the sport of running.  Arm sleeves began a while ago with hardcore road cyclists and no runners are beginning to discover the benefits too.  The popularity started when elite runners started wearing these cyclists arm sleeves which now has spread to all types of runners.  Runners point to the temperature regulation, compression, and UV protection as why they enjoy running in arm sleeves.  Arm sleeves give runners another option for clothing they can wear at the start of a race and remove when their body begins to heat up.  They are easy to take off and can fit in a small pocket.  Arm sleeves can be made of synthetic yarns, fleece, or even bamboo.  These breathable and flexible materials make arm sleeves great for any running weather.  You can also get them in many different colors and patterns.


Elite runners began wearing arm sleeves to give them more space for sponsorship logos which has lead to the patterned arm sleeves.  However, arm sleeves are by no means mainstream for non-professional runners yet.  But with the increase of uses, like for protection against scrapes and cuts for trail runners, arm sleeves are gaining popularity.  If you are looking for a way to add compression, regulate tempature, protect you from UV rays, or protect your from brush and trees, then check out some arm sleeves.  It’s good to follow elite runners’ lead.  We do it all the time!



  1. Bobby says:

    I’ve found some pretty plain arm sleeves here, but I was wondering if you had any other suggestions? It’s tough to find normal arm sleeves.