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Twin Mountain Trudge Trail Race Turns Epic (1 of 5)

posted by Chris Barber

2011-twin-lakes-race-hawaiian-shirt-rayOur friend Hawaiian Shirt Ray wanted to share another race story with us.  Thanks Ray!

I would like the thank Alec Muthig, Josh Fuller, Nate, Josh Artery, Ted, the entire Twin Mountain Trudge Crew who stayed late into the night until I was safe and Search & Rescue.  Without all of your help my Epic adventure could have had a very sad ending.

The 2011 Twin Mountain Trudge Turns Epic

Epic is the term that mountain climbers use when they talk about a climb that went wrong.  The party got lost, gear was dropped, days being snowbound in a tent, destroyed camps, or even death.  This year’s Twin Mountain Trudge turned into an epic day for me and all involved in the race.  Just like on a good climbing day, everything starts out fine and then slowly the situation begins to deteriorate.  Some epic tales have a good ending while others do not.  When things start to go bad and the situation begins to become dire, will you be ready to survive?

I am writing about my epic Twin Mountain Trudge because I want to share my experience with you so you can also be prepared for when things turn epic.  I am very experienced in mountaineering, back country adventures, and ultra racing.  Through the years I have never had any of my adventures turn epic, but I am always prepared just in case they do.  And I sure did not think that the Twin Mountain Trudge would have turned into my first Epic adventure.  Take for instance that I always carry a full first-aid kit with me when I hike.  I have been lucky and in over 15 years of hiking in the Colorado Rockies and elsewhere I have never used it.  Does that mean that I should stop taking it?  Of course not.

The Twin Mountain Trudge (aka The Trudge)

This was my second year running the Twin Mountain Trudge.  The Trudge has an 11 mile race and a 22 mile race which is two of the 11 mile laps.  Here is a quote from Alec Muthig’s email about this year’s race:  “The conditions this year could very well prove to be the worst we’ve seen for this race…I NEED to stress that this is an “adventure” event and not a typical trail run.  You need to try to be self sufficient.  We will have a minimal aid station on the course, but you should carry enough for a long, tough outing.  My guess is that the fastest single loop will be around 2.5 hours, with the others being out for over 5 hours…yes, for the single loop.  Please be prepared to be out that long and please plan on emergency situations.  If you get injured it will be quite a bit of time before we can get in a pull you out on a sled.  Will you be able to not go hypothermic in the time it takes us to get to you?  While only 11-12 miles, this truly a backcountry adventure.  Please be prepared.”

This is a serious adventure event and should not be taken lightly.  It is in Wyoming in the middle of winter through tough and challenging terrain.  This year I once again signed up for the 22 mile race and I know firsthand from last year’s race that Alec is 100 percent serious about the conditions and the need to be properly prepared.  This year my preparedness was put to the test…Read More to find out how.

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