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Outdoor Retailer: Trail Running Gear from Pearl Izumi

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Ok, so trail running isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pearl Izumi but at Outdoor Retailer I got a chance to check out their latest running gear and came away suitably impressed. With products ranging from footwear to outerwear and tights, Pearl Izumi offers a full line to outfit trail runners for extreme conditions.



Pearl Izumi is offering several trail-specific shoes in 2012 but the one that caught my eye was the Peak II. The shoe felt incredibly light in my hand while featuring a decent amount of cushioning. The Peak II promises great protection against rock strike, both in the toe and forefoot, yet I found the sole to be fairly flexible. The inside sock liner felt extremely luxurious and I really appreciate the subtle nod to the state of Colorado on the tongue ribbon. Pearl Izumi calls this a “minimalist trail running shoe” but fortunately the Peak II doesn’t use the minimalist concept to sacrifice quality or comfort like other shoes on the market.

Pearl Izumi also offers shoes oriented toward road running and I could definitely see myself wearing something like the Syncro Fuel RD on urban runs that incorporate off-road detours along the way.



The Ultra Barrier WxB Jacket from Pearl Izumi features Cocona fabric technology, a waterproof-breathable treatment that many companies from the North Face to Isis are using in their clothing these days. The upshot: you’ll stay warm and dry without soaking yourself from the inside with sweat on your next trail run. Of course if you’re like me you’ll probably need to reserve this jacket for only the coldest and wettest trail runs of the season.

The Ultra Barrier WxB can be completely folded and stored in its integrated pouch and features a hood as well. This jacket should retail for around $180 MSRP.

Running tights


Apparently we’re not the only ones who think fuel belts look ridiculous on runners (the fanny pack of this generation!). Pearl Izumi has integrated mesh bottle holders into tights like the ones pictured above to position bottles for maximum comfort and agility on the trail.

Pearl Izumi’s US operations are based outside Boulder, CO, a hotbed for trail running and outdoor activities and the company’s understanding of runners’ needs is clear in the 2012 line. We can’t wait to see how these products perform on the trail!

Merrell’s Women’s Minimalist Trail Running Shoes: Pace Glove, Power Glove, Pure Glove

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Last year I went to Outdoor Retailer and saw Merrell’s new minimalist trail running shoe collection, well “glove” collection.  Each shoe is called a “glove” because they fit, “like a glove.”  The Men’s minimalist trail running shoes in Merrell’s collection are the Trail Glove, True Glove, and Tough Glove.  One of the coolest things the Merrell rep told me was that each pair of minimalist running shoes sold will include instructions on minimalist running techniques.  I know too many people who have tried minimalist running to help with an injury, without changing their running style, and end up injurying themselves more.  Most new minimalist runners don’t know that they need to change their style.  Well, the ones who buy the Merrell shoes womens-merrell-pace-glove-minimalist-trail-running-shoewill…

The first women’s minimalist trail running shoe in the Merrell collection is the Pace Glove.  The Merrell representative told me that the Pace Glove is the “medium” of their three shoes in the Women’s collection.  It is made for runners who haven’t yet made the transition to minimalist running and want a shoe that gives them the same feeling without sacrificing protection.  The upper is made with an air mesh.  They have a lacing system called Omni-Fit which is the reason the shoes feel like a glove.  This is also important because the toe box is a bit wider than normal; in order to give your feet the feeling of running barefoot.  The heel cup is same as the lacing system, made of a synthetic leather to keeps your foot tight in the shoes.  There is a fused rubber at the front which is really sturdy and protects well against roots and rocks.  The sole is made from a rubber compound by Vibram for protection as well.

The next shoe in he collection is the Power Glove.  The Power Glove is more of a hiking shoe than a trail running shoe, but womens-merrel-minimalist-trail-running-power-glovecould be used for both, kind of like a road to trail shoe; a hike to trail running shoe.  It’s a little bulkier than the others so if you aren’t sure about minimalist trail running this may be the shoe you want to try first.  The upper is made of soft leather for the tight fit around the ankle.  The lacing is different though, using the Double Merrell Easy Z-Rap Closure System.  These are kind of like the Velco shoes you used to wear as a kid.  They make for a tight fit around your foot and ankle; good for those who have problems rolling their ankles, and allow you to never have to learn how to tie your shoes!

womans-merrells-pure-glove-minimalist-trail-running-shoePure Glove is the lightest in the collection.  They call it “pure” glove because it is the closet to natural, they let your feet go free while giving them the protection and traction your bare feet just don’t have.  It has a lycra mesh in the upper which makes it super light.  It also only has on strap in the front, giving your foot freedom of movement and the feeling of running barefoot.  This shoe is for runner who want to go barefoot running, without going barefoot running.  Trails can be tough!

All of the shoes also have a microfiber footbed treated with Aegis antimicrobial solution.  The Merrell rep told me this was to resist odor but I’m not sure why they put it in the Women’s shoes.  Women’s feet smell like flowers.  I mean, not roses, but lilies at least.

Kigo Footwear CURV and EDGE minimalist running shoe reviews

Monday, October 18th, 2010

kigo-minimalist-running-shoes-reviewI checked out Kigo Footwear at Outdoor Retailer this past year and love what this new start-up company is doing, developing green, minimalist shoes that are not only functional, but also stylish.  They say, “Kigo footwear is committed to making shoes that are stylish enough for everyday wear, sturdy enough for athletics, and constructed to be good for the Earth and body.”  Kigos are good for barefoot (well, minimalist) athletics and everyday wear.  They produce the Kigo CURV for women which can be used for commuting, fitness, or general wear, similar to a Mary Jane style.  No, not the eyes closed, eating Cheetos, and listening to Pink Floyd Mary Jane style.  The Kigo EDGE is for active men and women and has complete foot coverage for a fully protected barefoot stride.  Although they are strong enough for a man, Kigos are really PH balanced for women.  As they should be, the staff at Kigo are all women who know about endurance athletics and being stylish at the same time.

Kigos are constructed of lightweight durable materials with a beathable, stain/water resistant upper.  The outsoles are kigo-minimalist-running-shoesflexible because they are made with a high density rubber which is 1.5 mm thick.  You can bend these shoes in half with just your hands.  Kigos have a higher vamp for increased toe room which gives a better barefoot running experience.  I also like that they have a deeper ankle opening than most shoes which prevents rubbing when running.  Kigos are built around the body health benefits that come from going barefoot or wearing minimalist shoes and allows your foot to move more naturally.  This strengthens the muscles in the foot, promotes better posture, and creates a more effortless stride while running or walking in Kigos.  Not only were Kigos designed for minimalist benefits but also with the idea of having a comfortable shoe that is portable.  The idea for Kigos came when the founder couldn’t enjoy a night out with friends because the only shoes she had were ski boots after a day on the mountain.  I wish I had some Kigos about 10 years ago when I donned on ski boots prior to boarding a plane because I couldn’t wear running shoes in first class (free upgrade for being in the military).  Someday we’ll live in a classless society where non-runners and runners alike are treated equal.  Until then, bring your Kigos!  The shoes are about 4 to 5 ounces and can be easily bent for the easy storage.  They also come with a hookless toe cap and fixed webbing loop for easy pull on and off.  They have orange, green, black, or white styles and MSRP for $69.99 USD.

Currently Kigo is participating in British Airways competition for small businesses.  Click here and vote for Kigo to help this small start-up business!  There are only 2 days left to vote!  The Kigo staff are magnificent people with a positive outlook on barefoot running and staying stylish.  Support small businesses and try some Kigos yourself!

New Women’s Vibram Five Fingers Minimalist Running Shoes

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

I went to Outdoor Retailer this year and got some good information about the new and the old models of Vibram FiveFingers coming out.  Here is some information from Vibram themselves that may help you make your decision about which one is best for you:

New Women’s FiveFingers Jaya(MSRP $85.00) The Vibram FingeFingers Jaya fosters grace and power in a minimalist design.  Created specifically for the modern fitness enthusiast, the stretch nylon upper and padded collar comfortable secure the foot during exercise.  The athletic upper provides coverage that will secure the Jaya on the foot.  The 5.5 mm EVA sole makes the Jaya one of the lightest models in our collection.  Strategically placed Vibram TC1 performance rubber pads provide grip and durability to this unique sole design.  The Jaya can be worn for a variety of indoor and outdoor fitness activities requiring balance, agility, and power.  These shoes are great for fitness and after sport.

New Women’s Five Fingers Jaya LR(MSPR $100) Sleek leather overlays and feminine topline differentiate the Vibram FiveFingers Jaya LR.  Don’t be fooled, this new model for Spring 2011 will stand up to high reps and grueling intervals – all in a foot-flattering design.  The 5.5mm EVA sole makes the Jaya LR one of the lightest models in our collection.  Strategically placed Vibram TC1 performance rubber pads provide grip and durability to this unique sole design.  The Jaya LR can be worn for a variety of indoor and outdoor fitness activities requiring balance, agility, and power.  These shoes are great for fitness and after sport.

vibram-five-fingers-womens-treksportWomen’s FiveFingers Treksport ($99.95) Building on the success of versatility of the KSO and KSO Trek, Vibram FiveFingers presents the TrekSport.  Our TrekSport offers a 4mm EVA midsole for plating and protection and a lightly cleated 4mm Vibram performance rubber outsole for added traction on a variety of surfaces.  The Coconut Active Carbon upper offers natural breathability and abrasion resistance for maximum performance during your outdoor and athletic pursuits.  This shoes is good for light trekking, climbing/bouldering, running, and fitness.

Women’s FiveFingers KSO Trek($125.00) The Women’s KSO Trek is more rugged version of our popular KSO.  The vibram-five-fingers-womens-kso-trekkangaroo leather upper and sock liner are soft against the foot, yet strong and tear resistant, with outstanding breathability.  A 4mm EVA midsole offers plating protection from stone bruising, and lightly cleated 4mm Vibram performance rubber outsole delivers improved traction on trails and over more rugged terrain.  These shoes are great for light trekking, running, climbing/bouldering, and fitness.

vibram-five-fingers-womens-flowWomen’s FiveFingers Flow($90.00) The FiveFingers Flow was specifically designed for use in water or in cooler temperatures.  A 2mm Neoprene upper and EVA footbed provide thermal insulation and protection.  The sole features razor siped IdroGrip performance rubber for added slip resistance over a variety of surfaces.  While more slip resistant, the IdroGrip rubber is a marking compound.  These shoes are great for light trekking, climbing/bouldering, running, and water sports.

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Women’s Minimalist Running Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

After days of going over Men’s Vibram FiveFingers, it’s the Women’s turn now.  Vibram had their new collection of minimalist running shoes along with their old favorites at Outdoor Retailer this year.  They told me all about them and here’s what they said:

New Vibram Women’s FiveFingers KomodoSport: (MSRP $100) With today’s athlete in mind, Vibram FiveFingers has raised the intensity with Vibram FiveFingers KomodoSport.  This aggressive multisport design inherits what we love about the KSO with functional improvements that appeal to the most active fitness enthusiast.  For the first time ever, Vibram introduces a stitch-free, seamless 2mm footbed to reduce friction.  Heel and instep hook-and-loop closures help secure the stretch nylon upper to the contours of your foot-just like a second skin.  The KomodoSport wouldn’t be complete without a 4 mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole which provides the grip and protection you need for a variety of cross training activities.  These shoes are good for running and fitness.

vibram-five-fingers-womens-kso1Vibram Women’s FiveFingers KSO($85.00) Over the last two years, the KSO has become the most popular model for women due to its comfort and versatility.  A thin, abrasion-resistant stretch nylon and breathable mesh upper wraps your entire forefoot to “Keep Stuff Out,” and a single hook-and-loop closure helps secure the fit.  A non-marking 3.5mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber outsole is razor-siped for a sure grip, and a 2mm EVA insole enhances plating protection and comfort.  These shoes are good for light trekking, climbing/bouldering, running, fitness, after sport, water sports, yoga and pilates.

Vibram Women’s FiveFingers Sprint: ($80.00) The lightweight and open design of the Sprint has made the is model a long-time vibram-five-fingers-womens-sprintfavorite.  Adjustable hook-and-loop closures across the instep and around the heel deliver a comfortable, secure fit.  A thin stretch nylon fabric comfortably follow the contour of the foot.  And a flexible, non-marking 3.5mm Vibram TC-1 performance rubber sole is razor-siped for improved flexibility and slip resistance.  These shoes are good for climbing/bouldering, running, fitness, after sport, water sports, yoga and pilates.

vibram-five-fingers-womens-classicVibram Women’s FiveFingers Classic: ($75.00)From day one, the FiveFingers Classic has drawn the attention and praise of the press and active barefoot enthusiasts alike.  Available for women and men, our original FiveFingers design takes a more casual and minimalist approach to barefooting.  The upper features a thin stretch nylon fabric that fits low on the foot.  Our non-marking 3.5mm Vibram TC1 performance rubber soles are razor siped for improved flexibility and slip resistance  over a  variety of terrain.  These shoes are good for fitness, running, after sport, yoga and pilates.

vibram-five-fingers-womens-bikilaVibram Women’s FiveFingers Bikila($99.95) Unlike any running shoe on the market today, the Bikila was the first model designed specifically for a more natural, healthier, and more efficient forefoot strike.  While many have been running in their Vibram FiveFiners for years, the Bikila is Vibram’s first model designed specifically for near barefoot running.  Built on an entirely new platform, the Bikila features a Dri-Lex covered 3mm polyurethane insole (thickets under the ball) and a 4mm anatomical pod outsole design that offers more plating protection, and distributes forefoot impact without compromising important ground feedback essential to a proper forefoot strike running form.  A more athletic padded collar and topline, a single hook and loop closure, a 3M reflective surfaces, and tear resistant TPU toe protection finish off this breakthrough design.  These shoes are great for running and fitness.

New Vibram Women’s FiveFingers Bikila LS(MSRP $100) Following in the footsteps of the original Vibram FiveFingers Bikila, the new Bikila LS offers a closed speed lace system to accommodate the wider foot or higher instep.  It shares the same revolutionary platform as the Bikila, featuring a Dri-Lex covered 3mm polyurethane insole (thickets under the ball) and a 4mm anatomical pod outsole design.  This combination provides superior plating protection and distributes forefoot impact without compromising essential ground feedback.  The bIkila LS upper is constructed of Coconut Active Carbon for natural breathability.  An athletic padded collar and topline, 3M reflective surfaces, and abrasion resistant PU toe protection add to Bikila LS road worthy design.  The defining feature of the Bikila LA is its closed quick lace system assuring a custom fit for a wider range of foot types.  These shoes are great for fitness and running.

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Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Running Skirt Review

Monday, June 7th, 2010


Let’s face it, sometimes running the same old routes day after day can be pretty boring. Or if you’re like me, many days it’s hard to get motivated to run unless you’re training for a big race.  It’s days like these that I put on a running skirt and everything changes.

I love running in a skirt, especially my Gym Girl Ultra skirt by Skirt Sports, mostly because it’s so comfortable! Form-fitting shorts, or “shorties,” made of semi-compression mesh fabric, are attached beneath the lightweight jersey skirt. The mesh shorties help you stay cool and dry on long or short runs.  And unlike some running shorts that can creep up, the shorties in the Gym Girl Ultra stay put while the skirt is free flowing with side slits to allow a full range of movement. Plus, the shorties have small pockets on both legs that are perfect for carrying your ipod shuffle, keys, cash, or energy gel.

Not only is the Gym Girl Ultra comfortable and functional, its seriously stylish. The Endless Summer pattern has pink, teal, and white swirls and tendrils which are a perfect representation of the free flowing spirit I feel when wearing it. The skirt covers about 3-4″ of the top of my thighs and completely covers my backside so I can still look great while grabbing a bite or knocking out a few errands after a workout. Why hide under baggy sweats or skimpy track shorts when I can wear running clothes that not only flatter my legs and butt, but also show a hint of my real personality.  To be honest, I’ve been tempted to just put this skirt on a Saturday morning to wear around town.  The Gym Girl Ultra is a multi-tasker and low maintenance, too.  I wear the skirt at least once a week and toss it in the laundry on normal wash cycle and it stays bright and colorful.

Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Review Front

The Gym Girl Ultra is definitely my favorite piece of running attire for its high performance design and super stylish fit. I know I can count on this running skirt to make me look and feel good. Whether running a 5k or marathon, having a positive mental attitude is just as important as being physically prepared. I’ve found it’s easy to get that extra boost of confidence to go just a little farther or push just a little harder by simply wearing a skirt!

Thanks a bunch to the folks at Skirt Sports for sending this fantastic skirt and a special thanks for inventing the running skirt!

Caster Semenya to undergo Gender Verification Test

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Germany Athletics Worlds

Caster Semenya won the Women’s 800 m race at the World Championships this past Thursday by almost 2 seconds ahead of the rest of the field.  Check out this margin of victory.  The win looks like something out of this world and almost impossible.  Caster definitely had a leg up on the rest of the field, but was it hard work, genetics, or gender doping?  Nobody is sure but something has to give.

Her dramatic improvement along with her muscular build and deep voice have sparked speculation.  IAAF general secretary Pierre Weiss said the gender tests were ordered because of, “ambiguity, not because we believe she is cheating.”  So unlike Saturday Night Live’s “Pat,” it looks like we will be able to find out what Caster’s true gender is.  Check out this interview from Caster and see what gender you think she most closely resembles.  You could be wrong like Eric Modiba, head of the Nthema Secondary School where Caster attended who said, “She never wore a dress.  It was only in Grade 11 that I realized she’s a girl.”  Well Mr. Modiba be prepared to change your mind again.

Kara Goucher’s Running Style

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009


A friend of mine sent me this article in the Wall Street Journal about Americans losing ground to Kenyan runner’s in the International running scene and how Kara Goucher’s different approach to training is helping her get back into the International competition.  She’s just gripping it and ripping it.  Like Hanzel in Zoolander said, “For me, it’s just the way I live my life.  I grip it and I rip it.”  Very well thought out words Hanzel.  That is essentially what Kara Goucher is doing.  Kara doesn’t run for distance or time when training.  She just goes for a run twice a day and runs as fast and as far as she is feeling that day.  She just grips it and rips it.

I honestly don’t understand all of the heart monitor, pace setting, caloric in-taking regulation people have in their training.  I want to run as fast as I feel I can run, why do I need to have a heart monitor?  I know how my body is feeling.  Likewise, why would I want to shoot for a certain pace in a run?  What if I’m feeling better than usual, do I have to hold back to stay at that pace.  I start all of my races a little faster than I think my overall race pace is going to be just in case I’m able to hold that faster pace.  Maybe I’ll be able to hold it the whole time or maybe I’ll get tired, so I’ll slow down a bit.  And why would I watch all of the calories I intake?  I eat enough to fulfill my hunger.  My hunger is based off of how many calories I have burned in relation to what my body thinks it is going to need to get it to the next time I eat.  I’ve been judging how hungry I am my whole life!  Why would I want to track it now?  However, I do know that I have to eat healthy, but “healthy” is a broad term.  Whatever it is you do to try to “pace” yourself or not “over do it,” try not doing that.  Just grip it and rip it, rock with the feel, and go with your own flow.

When racing you want to race like the Kenyans who “enjoy the battle” or Kara who says, “Sometimes we get obsessed with time.  You can’t win a race like that.”  She’s right, you can’t, because the race is not about time.  It’s about you against the other runners, all you need to do to win is run faster than them, it’s that simple.  As far as your race against the course, you should know the route and know what to expect, but you shouldn’t think about specifics, just what the overall layout is in relation to how you are feeling.  Remember, it’s all about feeling.

So be like Kara Goucher and feel your run.  It feels good don’t it?  Oh yeah.

Running Everyday for a Year: Kristin Bourdon (1 of 2)

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

Kristin Bourdon is on her way to running everyday for a full year!  A goal like this one takes so much determination and discipline really intrigued me so I asked her a couple of questions about this amazing goal.


Why did you decide to start running for a year ever day consecutively?

I have always been very disciplined with my workouts.  Working out consistently is not one of my issues!  A long time ago, I learned a very valuable lesson from my Dad who told me, “You will never look back on your life and wish you spent more time at the office.  Take some time each day for yourself to work out and you will be more productive and happier.”  So, when I was in the Navy, I used to spend my lunch hour every day working out.  Now, as a mother of three young boys, my life is super busy.  It is really easy to blow off a work out to do other stuff because there is always so much to be done.  Before establishing this goal, I would find myself getting wrapped up in the kids and before I knew it, the day was over.  This would stress me out and make me grumpy and irritable!  I realized two things.  First, if I got my workout done first thing in the morning, I was still available to the kids for the rest of the day and second, I needed the run to make me feel more productive and happier throughout the day.  So, last October I made a formal commitment to myself to run everyday for an hour no matter what.  This eased the pressure.  Instead of finding myself at dinner time still needing to squeeze in a workout and upset that it just wasn’t going to happen, I started each day saying “what is the plan and when is the workout going to happen?”

That’s a great way to make sure you get the work out in!  I never work out after dinner, I always make sure I eat too much.  About how many miles do you run a week?

I always run between 6 and 9 miles a day.  Nine is the most I will go – only because I know I have to do it again the next day.  I have a running partner who does not care to run every day nor as far as I like to go.  It works out perfectly.  We meet and run about 4 miles together and then I continue without her to finish up the hour.  We probably run together three times a week on average.  Knowing I have to meet her makes getting out the door so much easier and once I am going, finishing the hour is not a problem.

Do you incorporate or count any other cardiovascular activities like biking or swimming?  Not that either of those are as cool as running and should count.

I swim 3500 yards one day a week – I look forward to swimming when I just feel too worn down to run.  It takes me 70 minutes to do my swim workout – I consider those extra 10 minutes as a buffer for the days that my run ends up being 55 minutes!  We recently joined a gym and I will run on the treadmill – even though I prefer to run outside.  But if I take a yoga class, I do not count that towards my hour – so I don’t take classes very often!  Occasionally on gym days, I will do the ellipitcal machine or the stair climber – but only after running on the treadmill for at least 5 miles – this is strictly because the treadmill is SO BORING!  Nothing else counts towards my goal – not even spending a whole day walking around Sea World!

Stay tuned for the next istallment tomorrow!

Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


Many races have the tag-line “Classic” but the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K is true to the namesake.  The Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K has a storied history dating back to 1976.  Since then thousands of women have participated in Baltimore’s premiere all-women’s race, the competitive (also known as serious) and those out for a fun morning run with friends.  All race proceeds support women’s causes.  The race is intended to celebrate life, fitness, and the power that lies inside each women to take control of her health.  In 2008, the race attracted 1,200 women and the 2009 goal is to break 1,500 participants!  Be a part of this classic, growing, women’s 5K and help it achieve its goal!

This is a great race course winding through Northwest Harbor beginning and ending at the Baltimore Museum of Industry. Runners will run by Fort McHenry, Latrobe Park, and Southside Marketplace on this scenic 5K course.  If you are a first time runner then this is the perfect 5K to start you on your way to becoming a serious runner.  The Balimore Women’s Classic 5K provides some great training programs with the goal to provide fun, inexpensive, and supportive workouts to encourage women to embark on a lifelong program of fitness.  There are training groups for all types of runners from beginning walkers to intermediate runners.  Join one of these groups and develop a passion for running you will carry with you for the rest of your life.  Then you can run the Baltimore’s Women’s Classic 5K every year and become part of the tradition.

If you would like to socialize more than training runs with other women runners like yourself then participate in some of the pre-race events.  Tomorrow night, June 3rd, race participants along with friends and family will be meeting at Mt. Washington Tavern at 6:00 pm for music and drinks, plus a raffle and prizes.  You could be a winner before even starting the race!  If you don’t plan on running the race but would still like to support the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K then come out to Camden Yards for the Orioles vs. Braves for only $13.00! Bring a friend and support the race without even breaking a sweat!

So get ready to have some fun and participate in the state’s largest Women’s 5K!  You can register online until June 20th or send a paper registration via standard mail postmarked by June 19th.  But don’t wait that long, register online or have your mail registration postmarked by June 8th and the entry fee only $25.00.  You may register at any packet pick-up site or on race day starting at 6:30 am for $30.00.  Also bring the family along for this family affair.  There will be a co-ed kids fun run for ages 8 and under with an emphasis on fun at the conclusion of the 5K race.  You can register your kids when you register yourself, too easy.  Your kids will recieve a cool medal that will go great with your race T-shirt!

Bring the family and enjoy an awesome day at the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K, but you don’t have to just take my word for it.  See what previous participants have to say about this fun Women’s event.  So go ahead and get out there, get running, and get fit!