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About Us is owned and operated by Blue Spruce Ventures, LLC.  We love the great outdoors and that is what inspired us to develop our outdoor websites.  Whether it is mountain biking, camping, or trail running, we love to be active and outside.  We developed because as Trail Runners we found there wasn’t any one resource for Trail Runners to find running trails, discuss trail races, browse trail running shoes, and share stories and information. was built as a place for Trail Runners to meet and share information and maybe even promote the sport that we love so much.  So browse the website, let us know what you think or ways we can improve it.  We’re here for for you other Trail Runners.  You contact us at or

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Chris Barber attended the University of Southern California where he majored in Economics.  Attending school on an Army ROTC scholarship, Chris joined the Army upon graduation and served in the 82nd Airborne Division, completing a tour to both Afghanistan and Iraq, earning the Army Bronze Star Medal and the rank of Captain.  Along with managing and developing, Chris is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.  Chris has been running competitively for over 17 years.  He became an avid trail runner only 2 years ago and loves it!  Chris also has been mountain biking since 1996 and camping for 18 years, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

Jeff Barber established Blue Spruce Ventures LLC on January 1, 2007.  Under this company he placed his mountain biking website and a camping website using software he developed, Review App.  Before establishing Blue Spruce Ventures LLC Jeff graduated from Duke University with a Masters in Business Administration and an emphasis in entrepreneurship. Jeff also attended Duke University for his undergraduate career with a major in Civil Engineering.  Attending Duke on an Air Force ROTC scholarship, upon graduation Jeff served as an Air Force Officer for four years at Peterson, AFB in Colorado Springs, CO.  Jeff currently resides in Decatur, GA with his lovely wife Leah and their dog Jackson.  Jeff has been an avid mountain biker for 17 years and a runner for 18 years.  Jeff has also been camping for 21 years, also attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.