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Running a 10K for Beginners

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

So I’ve developed some great training plans but someone I recently met, who is a walker but wants to get into running, said starting off with 2.5 miles for a 10K training plan was too much.  I mean, come on, that’s actually the second day of the training, the first day of the training plan is stretching!  After that you should be ready to run 2.5 miles right?!  Well, I have so much “swag” that I can admit when I make a mistake.  You should try it sometime Mr. Kayne “Swag” West.  Here at we are for the people.  In order to make sure I needed to make a change, I got a larger sample size on Twitter to this question, ‘is 2.5 miles too much to start off for a beginning runner?’  All the tweets pretty much agreed it was too much.  Twit Nation has spoken.  I’ve brought down the “Beginner” 10K plan for the masses, so check it out.  However, before you take on the running challenge, listed below are some things you need to do before starting a training plan.  Like an old man, ease yourself into the warm bath of running.


Running Shoes: The right pair of running shoes is imperative for a new runner.  Your body is not used to the impact it gets from running; with the wrong pair of running shoes this impact could lead to an injury.  Go to a specialty running shoe store in your area and get “fitted” for the right pair of running shoes.  Make sure to go to a running shoe store where the employees watch you run in the shoes.  Everybody’s body mechanics are different and you need the perfect running shoes for you.

Walk: You need to walk before you can run, even toddlers know that.  Before starting a running training plan do some walking.  It will improve your cardiovascular system while also shedding excess pounds you have from not being active for so long.  Those excess pounds will make you more likely to get injured because of the extra weight “pounding” on your joints.

First 5 days: When you decide to start running you need to do it consistently in order to maintain the habit.  Make sure you do the first 5 days consecutively, no matter what other life conditions may occur.  Studies have shown that people who first start running and do it for 5 days in a row are much more likely to stick with it.

Eat Right: Beginning runners don’t necessarily need the same foods and nutrients that long distance, competitive runners do, but you do need to make sure you don’t eat junk.  I would consider junk to be anything fried, full of sugar, or fat.  A burger, fries, and a coke for lunch isn’t going to motivate you to go running that evening.  Make sure you eat things that will not stay with you for 24 hours and make you feel “sick” during your next run.

Stretch: Do many different stretches.  Here are some basic stretches to get you started.  Since your body is not used to the strenuous activity of running, it is important that you “wake it up” and get it ready for running.  Stretching directly after the run or anytime of the day will also help keep you loose.

If you do these five things you will like running, stick with it, and become a serious runner in no time.  Isn’t that what everyone wants to achieve anyway?  To be more like me.

GNC Amplified Maxertion N.O. Supplement

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

I normally don’t take supplements, how can you supplement someone who already has everything?  Not very easily.  However, I have taken supplements before.  When I was deployed to Iraq I drank a protein shake everyday and it definitely increased my body mass.  I accomplished my goal of the deployment, being able to bench press 300 pounds.  I even named my weightlifting activities as a phase of “Operation Get Sexy” which I began about 2 months before returning home.  Probably the most successful operation of the whole deployment.  Note:  The haircut in the picture below was not a part of “Operation Get Sexy.”


Since then I’ve been running more and lifting less weights, but still lifting 5 days a week, 5 different exercises, with high reps and lightweight.  This is the best type of weight training for a long distance runner.  You want to have a strong upper body to help you pump your arms at the finish line, but you don’t want to put on too much extra muscle mass to carry while running long distances.  GNC just came out with a new product line called AMP.  They boast being good for the heavy weight lifter to the avid runner.  I chose to go with the Amplified N.O. (Nitric Oxide Enhancer) to help with my pre-workout weight lifting and because GNC says, “Clinical results for the first and only nitric oxide product, Amplified Maxertion N.O., proven to demonstrate a delay in the onset of neuromuscular fatilinical results for the first and only nitric oxide product, Amplified Maxertion N.O., proven to demonstrate a delay in the onset of neuromuscular fatigue.”  That’s a pretty big claim.  I also went with the Maxertion N.O. because I’m already a good runner, I want to be able to improve the rest of my running body.  They have the Amplified Whey Protein, Amplified Whybolic Extreme 60, Amplified Muscle Meal, and Amplified Muscle Ignitor 4x, all for endurance athletes if you are looking to supplement your distance running.

This is what GNC says about the product:

“GNC’s Amplified Maxertion N.O. was shown to increase power output at the onset of neuromuscular fatigue by an average of 20% and improve physical performance by helping athletes push past their normal point of exhaustion. This product is designed to increase nitric oxide levels in the body causing a hemodilation effect which expands blood vessels, allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to flow to muscles.

‘This is truly groundbreaking research that has resulted in the delivery of a truly novel and clinically-validated product to the industry,’ said Guru Ramanathan, SVP Technology and Product Innovation for GNC. ‘Using advanced technology and ingredients, this is the first Nitric Oxide enhancing product to demonstrate significant athletic performance effects that are relevant and meaningful to all types of athletes.’”

Anything that will increase my output by 20% is intriguing.  I’m going to take a bottle of this and see how it effects my overall muscle mass and my running.  Like I said, I don’t usually take any supplements so by taking just this one, I’ll be able to accurately gauge the effects it is having on my body.  I wish my body came with gauges like my SUV did.

National Trail Running Day, August 22nd!

Monday, July 27th, 2009

“I’m going to take this itty bitty world by storm; and I’m just getting warm!” -Ladies Love Cool J, from “Momma Said Knock You Out”

Ladies Love the Cool J and they also the Trail Day, National Trail Running Day that is.  That’s right, it’s about to go down.  The Day to Celebrate Trail Running is falling upon us!  From the Website:


“National Trail Running Day is a day to promote, celebrate, and experience the sport of Trail Running. Trail Running is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States with runners taking to the trails of varying difficulties and distances for a way to connect with nature and the environment, while also building strength and more technical running skills.

What should you do on National Trail Running Day? National Trail Running Day is a day for runners to come together and celebrate the sport of Trail Running. Anyone can plan an event for National Trail Running Day. Some of the events already planned are trail races, group trail runs, or trail clean-ups.”

Makes sense.  A good way to promote an increasingly popular sport give it a official National Day status.  You need to get on the bandwagon and try Trail Running before it’s too late.  I took a friend Trail Running for his first time last week and he really enjoyed it.  He was lucky he did too because he had already bought some trail running shoes and even listed “Trail Running” as an interest on his Facebook!  I guess you can be interested in something you’ve never done before.  For instance, I’ve never swam with sharks but I think they are interesting…wait…I have swam with sharks, off the coast of Tahiti.  Trust me, it’s tough being the Most Interesting Man in the World.

I want everyone in the United States to become more interesting, it makes for an overall happier population, so that’s why I’m advocating that everyone try trail running on National Trail Running Day, August 22nd, the 3rd Saturday in August.  If you’ve never been Trail Running before then you should try it for the first time.  If you have done a trail run a couple of times, then you should try a trail race on NTRD.  If you’re already an established, expert Trail Runner, then win a Trail Race on August 22nd.  If you are an experienced Trail Runner but not fast enough to win a race, then get your trail running buddies (probably your best friends) together and organize a trail clean-up day.  See, this day is for everyone!  Go to the National Trail Running Day website to see if there are any events in your area, if not, plan one.  I know you like to usually just grip and rip but this is an important holiday.  You don’t just show up to Christmas without planning on what presents you are going to bring…unless you’re me and shop the day before without putting any prior thought into the presents and then always get exactly what people want.  Maybe I should become a personal shopper.

Negative.  Shopping is lame.  Here are 8 reasons from the National Trail Running Day website why Trail Running is better than shopping:

8 Reasons to go Trail Running

  1. Strengthens your leg muscles that road running does not.
  2. Improves balance and agility from running on uneven surfaces.
  3. Increases your mental toughness.
  4. Biophillia – humans want to be close to nature. Trail Running increases your time in nature.
  5. The primal thrill of using your body for what it was made to do, be a long distance, all-terrain vehicle.
  6. Reduces injury because running on soft surfaces is better for your joints. Also, the differing steps do not put as much stress on certain parts of your body.
  7. Less traffic and cleaner air.
  8. Running in the shade is cooler, allowing you to run longer distances and get a better overall work out.

Well there you have it.  I should have just done a blog post with those 8 reasons at the beginning instead of after all the other mumbo jumbo in the beginning paragraphs.  You’ll have to excuse me for that.  Sometimes I’m too interesting for my own good.

Why You Should Run in the Evenings

Friday, July 24th, 2009

I asked the question on twitter, “Do you prefer to run in the mornings or the evenings?” and I got a lot of great responses.  95% of runners said that they liked to run in the mornings because that way they know they can fit it in their day.  @Josiegal44 said:  “I love early morning runs right before the sun comes up. So peaceful before the day gets screwed up.” Makes sense, but I mitigate that by being an excellent planner.  Another reason @TheRealLance pointed to: “mornings! For me my legs feel like a ton of bricks in the evening (they consistently feel great in the morning).”  I disagree, my legs are loose and ready to go at the end of the day.  My man @Scis30 said: “evenings. Something to look forward to all day (most of the time).”  The lone runner who said he likes running in the evenings. This ones for you Scis30.   Since everyone apparently already runs in the morning I’m going to key you in on some benefits to running in the evening.  That’s what we’re here for, for you to learn from…and maybe entertain.


Looser: It’s a fact that you are looser and more limber in the evening.  Use your limberness for good instead of evil and go on an evening run.  You start off the run ready to get a great work out in.  Using the first 2 miles to wake up is for suckers.  You’re not a sucker are you?

Clears Your Head: There are so many things that go on during the day that we don’t stop to think about.  Often we go through the day putting out different fires and answering numerous emails but don’t ever stop and think about what we are doing.  How it may be effecting our corporation, business, or personal life?  Try running in the evening.  The mess of ideas and tasks will clear themselves up real quick.  You’ll probably come up with some new tasks and ideas too!  I personally can’t do run to clear my head because running is my job, so instead I just zone out in front to the TV to really clear my mind.  Preferably by watching Saved By the Bell.  You know how many ideas I’ve gotten from Zack’s crazy schemes?!

Evening Sun is Stronger: You probably work inside all day and need some sun.  Do your exercise when the sun is strongest and get an efficient suntan.  Now you’re leveraging the Sun!

More Energy: While you are sleeping you are not eating and gaining energy.  If you run in the evening you will have all of the energy you ate during the day to burn.  Better yet, you’ll be able to burn all that extra “energy” you had during the day too.

It’s Cool to Be Sweaty: It’s cool to show up places at night right after doing a run.  As long as you aren’t dripping sweat no one will care.  They’ll actually be a little impressed.  Impressed by your swag!

Makes you Cleaner: Running in the evening forces you most likely to shower twice a day.  Twice the cleaning the cleaner you will be.  Can’t we all use an extra shower a day?

So try running in the evenings, you may like it… to acquire even more Flexible to address Customers Needs!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009


According to, has reached an agreement to acquire  The big just keep on getting bigger.  If they were real runners they would be getting smaller.  You know, because running burns calories and all.  However, the problem is that corporations are really not people.  It’s just a group of individuals who run an entity that is owned by many different people, whom most do not work for the company.  The people that work for these companies have marginal ownership from stock holdings, with not enough to give them incentive to work harder; unlike which is a brother and brother business, with 100% incentive.  Do the math. is pretty much the ultimate business structure.  I’d let you see our business plan but it’s trademarked and copyrighted with a patent is pending, it’s that impressive.  Being such a small organization we are the decision makers, we are the ones that listen to what you want and are able to implement those things within minutes.  Even if Jeff Barber isn’t available because he is probably in the bathroom, out mountain biking, or painting his miniatures,  I will go ahead and make any change needed.  You know what that’s called?  Customer service.  Email or and see how long it takes for you to get a personalized response.  Email me and I promise I will answer within 24 hours, and if during “business hours” I’ll probably answer within 20 minutes.  Take that behemoth running shoe selling companies!  We are able to travel just as fast on this Information Superhighway! Someone just leveled the playing field.

But the playing field isn’t level, is far superior.  Why?  Because we answer our own questions, that’s why.  Also because the running shoe reviews on are by serious runners, people who know how running shoes are suppose to perform.  Other websites like and have reviews, but you don’t know where they came from.  They could have come from a person who used the shoes for walking, skipping, or swatting flies.  Please be kind to your running shoes, they have feelings too.  The running shoe reviews on are by runners for runners.  It’s a running community and as you can see, we love our running shoes.

Granted, our running shoe listings will take you to one of our affiliates’ websites, or, but that is because is the low price leader and is the outdoor product leader so we provide both to give you the best running shoes possible at the best price.  So why not go directly to those websites without passing through’s running shoe reviews?  Because that’s two websites to search on instead of just one of course, but also mostly because we are the customer service leader for running shoes.  We provide the information you need and want.  Go ahead, give those 5 star rated shoes a try.  Fall in love with them, then come back to write your review.  When you are done with your review buy 10 more pairs to last you through the rest of the year.  Running shoe companies often come out with new versions annually so you may not have a chance to get another pair soon.  Be prepared, that’s what I like to say.

So while the big keep getting bigger, the real runners stay small and agile.  Ready for the gun to blast, the race to start, and are ready to give the best performance which you derserve.  We’re all about performance.

Note:  None of the members of the’s staff take any type of performance enhancing drugs to help them provide all this great information on this awesome website.  I know what you were thinking, ‘They’ve got to be taking something…’  Incorrect.

Running on a Team

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

I’ve heard someone tell me that they started running because they wanted to do something competitive after years of playing baseball.  Likewise, this past weekend a trail runner told me that he started running after years of playing competitive football (those two sports usually don’t go hand in hand) to be competitive, but still missed the team aspect he got from football.  I always think about running as an individual sport, me against myself, the course, and the other competitors.  How I perform is up to me.  No one else has anything to do with it.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy being entrepreneurial.  Entrepreneurial like a cheetah!


But what about running in a team?  Like the trail runner, I also miss being on a team, like when I was on the strongest team I’ve ever been on, my platoon while being deployed to Iraq.  Probably the strongest team ever put together.  So I thought about how I can make running be a team sport too.  Track and cross-country are both running team sports but they are mostly reserved for High School and College teams.  I then started researching and came across this relay, Ekiden Trail Running Race, near Atlanta with the tagline:  “It’s a relay race – It’s gonna be fun!”  Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy competitive running while also being a part of a team; not to mention running on a trail!  I think I’m going to have to look up local race results and make some phone calls…

Here are some benefits to running in on a team, relay or non-relay type:

Better Training:  When you are on a team and training together, everyone is forced to run as fast as the fastest runner.  During tempo runs and even training runs, the other runners on the team will try to keep up with the fastest runner no matter what, making the team faster as a whole.  See, you can be a part of a team while still improving yourself.  Trust me, there’s strength in numbers.  Speaking of which, join the National Trail Running Day Facebook page.

Communication: You learn a lot about communication when on a running team.  The batton hand off may be the most important aspect of running a relay and without communication it is often foiled.  Do not go without hearing the word “go” or it can be detrimental to your team.  Remeber, if you do not pass go, you will not collect 200 dollars.  I own Boardwalk yo!

Accountability:  I can’t say the word enough, accountability, accountability, accountability.  I just did that so in a google search for  “accountability” my name will come up.  Running on a team holds you accountablein all aspects of your training.  Unlike a running group keeping you accountable, the team relies on you, so everything you do or don’t do hurts them.  Just showing up isn’t enough.  Be a team player and be the face of accountability.  You’ll look as cool as me.

Build Teamwork Skills:  We all have to work in teams so any practice we can get is beneficial.  Unless you are like me and have attained the highest level in teamworking ability possible; leadership too, I’ve been told I do both of those perfectly and never have to improve those skills again for the rest of my life.  It’s pretty sweet.  Being on a running team takes a lot of discipline which may create more difficult team dynamics than your kickball team.  Weird.  You have to make sure you keep everyone actively involved and training how they are suppose to.  You may even have to leave a teammate behind if he/she can’t keep up, that’s the hardest thing to do as a teammate.

Social Skills:  Being on a team is a great way to make friends and bring prior friends closer together.  There is nothing better for building a relationship than having to rely on someone else.  Just watch Maurey Povich and you’ll find all kinds of people in relationships just because they have become reliant on each other.  Don’t over do it though, you’re still a runner and no one else can perform for you.

So join the team sport of running and experience a whole new aspect of running.

Running with Swagger: Running with Confidence

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

“Mr. Barber in the building.  Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion….My swag is like Mick Jagger, every time I breathe on the track I asthma attack it.”  That’s a great example of running with swag.  I have asthma, but every time I’m running on the track I attack it.  I’ve attacked my asthma through exercise so much over the years that it is now almost non-existent.  New studies have shown that consistent exercise can reduce asthma.  But this isn’t about asthma, it’s about running with swag.


On Saturday I went to a Major League baseball game in which we started Barber-quing at 1 pm.  The game started at 4 pm and I knew it was going to be a long day in the sun with only adult beverages to quench my thirst.  It was going to be difficult to enjoy this day to its fullest and wake up at 6:00 am for a 10 mile trail run on a course that I had never run before and was still under development.  I only had one choice, put my swag on and enjoy the day.  I even had to swag my way into the private club at the stadium to get some AC.  I didn’t need to be in the hot sun the day before this run!  I got home at about 8:30 pm from the baseball game and got a message from a friend.  She had some friends she wanted me to meet and they were out close to my house.  So what did I do?  Ate some ramen noodles and fell asleep until about midnight.  But I woke up, put some more swag on and headed out the door to meet her and her friends.  I got home at about 330 am.  Only 2.5 hours until I was going to have to get up for the run.  Instead of going to sleep I stayed awake.  I had some work to do so I knocked it out.


I left the house at 6 am to do a group test run for the upcoming Frogtown Trail Challenge.  I didn’t know who the other runners in the group were going to be or what the course was going to be like, so I had to put my swag on and be confident without this information.  Swag is all about confidence.  Confidence that you can do anything, given any situation.  However, driving up to do the trail run I began thinking to myself, ‘I’ve only slept 3 hours, have been de-hydrating all day and evening, I have no idea how I’m going to perform on this trail run.’  But as I got closer to my destination I began to think about my swag.  I don’t have to be 100% physically to perform 100% mentally and with confidence.  I decided to put my swag on as soon as I stepped out of the car.  When I met the group I didn’t bring up the fact that I had barely slept and had been out socializing the night before.  I just showed up with the confidence that I was ready to run.  We stayed in a group for the first half of the run and then as the group spread out a bit I ran with one other runner at the front.  I ran with confidence at the beginning, running, socializing with the group, enjoying the day and the course; then as I felt better I ran faster.  I had confidence that I could do the run at any speed I chose.  Confidence that I was a trail runner, just like everyone else whether I was running in the back of the pack or leading it…I just happend to choose leading it.

It was a beautiful day out, the course was really fun and it was a great group of people to run with.  I was very glad I had decided to put my swag on and make it to the run.  There were creek crossings, creek running, steep inclines, gradual declines, roots, rocks, tall grass, briers, ticks; anything you could ever want in a trail run.  It was a great course with a lot of technical and differing terrain which kept you focused.  It was fun testing out this route and meeting some great people.  And I owe it all to my running with swag.  So next time you don’t think you can hang with a group run or don’t think you are going to perform well in a race, sawg like you are ready to run and you will perform however you want to perform.  You’re the swaggiest!

Lean Horse Hundred and Half Hundred Ultra

Monday, July 20th, 2009

What is a better way to celebrate National Trail Running Day than running an ultra race?  Running the Lean Horse Hundred and Half Hundred Ultra Race.  The Lean Horse Ultra is set for August 22nd at 6 am, the dawn of National Trail Running Day.  This event is out of Hot Springs, South Dakota, a beautiful region for outdoor activities such as trail running and mountain biking.  South Dakota doesn’t get the press it deserves for being a premier, scenic area to trail run…until now.


The 100 mile and 50 mile course starts right outside race headquarters at Hot Springs Freedom Trail bike path.  The race will take you through downtown Hot Springs, paralleling the Platte river on the North side of town; otherwise know as the “cool” side of town.  The course travels over many different surfaces with a bit of paved roads, a couple of blocks in a residential neighborhood, open meadows, trail, and hilly country roads to keep your body guessing and keep your attention on this long, grueling endeavor:   finishing an Ultra marathon.  Total climbing for the 50 mile distance is 3967 feet and 7216 feet of climbing for the full 100 mile race.  Check out the course maps and decide if you are ready to take on this challenge.  Good decision.  I knew you were ready.  I’m surprised you didn’t already have plans for National Trail Running Day.

Make plans for a weekend trip and stay a while in beautiful Hot Springs, South Dakota.  Check out Wind Cave National Park, one of the world’s longest and most complex caves.  Maybe cave running could be fun.  Or you can get your warm up run on the 28,295 acres of mixed-grass prairie, ponderosa pine forest.  Look out for the amazing wildlife of bison, elk, pronghorn, mule deer, coyotes, and prairie dogs.  If you would rather watch someone else do the running, then check out the Black Hills wild horse sanctuary.  See wild mares and their colorful, frolicking foals enjoying their day.  This tour is so beautiful that even wild horses couldn’t drag you away…from watching wild horses.

Watching wild horses is fun, but you are a Lean Horse, ready to run a great ultra marathon race.  How do you keep a Lean Horse moving?  With plenty of subsistence.  There will be pretzels, chips/crackers, sandwiches, chicken soup, peanut butter and crackers, cooked salt potatoes (a favorite), oranges, bananas, candy, brownies, cookies, hammer gel, and instant oatmeal.  In the trough for Lean Horse runners will be water, powerade, coffee, defizzed coke/pepsi, tea, lemonade, and instant hot chocalate.  What else could you need to help you finish this awesomely challenging race?  If for some reason the challenge gets the better of you, there will be 10 aid stations along the race course.  Now you don’t have any excuse for accepting the Lean Horse Hundred and Half Hundred Ultra marathon challenge!  Just finishing not enough of a challenge for you?  Then strive to run the course in under 20 or 24 hours and get your name on the Lean Horse Hall of Fame.  It’s good to be famous.

Register online or via mail, famous Rock Star.  Stop thinking about it, do it.  You only have until August 15th to register!  Don’t be one of those irresponsible Rock Stars.  That was so 1980.

Running Shoes for Two Different Sized Feet

Thursday, July 16th, 2009


This is a question asked on the running forum that I thought I would share:

“After always buying cheap running shoes (but never having issues), I decided to go to the local running store and actually get fit for shoes. I’ve only ever run in Asics or Sauconys, but I got fitted with Brooks Adrenaline 9s. Every run I blister uncontrollably, but on my left foot only. I went back to the store and it turns out that my left foot is smaller than my right… so I’ve been wearing extra thick socks — nothing… the left foot still blisters really bad. I’ve heard that the Adrenaline 9s are very different from the 8s, but I never owned the 8s to begin with. What’s the best way to deal with this? Thick socks aren’t cutting it… should I buy a second pair in the smaller size and wear two different size running shoes? That sounds expensive… help!”

Wow, sounds like you are in desperate need of “help!”  Well, that’s what I’m here for, to help.  I mean, not using my expertise could create a moral hazard.  First off, I like that you went to your local running shoe store to try out some running shoes.  I recommend this for any runner who is unsure of what type of running shoes their feet need.  However, if you know what kind of shoes you need, I suggest using to get the best prices and the largest selection of running shoes.  Too easy.  As far as the Brooks Adrenalines, I like them, but I’m hearing too many people say that their running shoe store has fitted them for these shoes.  I am beginning to wonder if Brooks is putting any incentives to running shoe stores to sell this brand.  I may need to do some investigative journalism, Wall Street Journal.

Thick socks are a great way to solve this problem but it sounds like you have a much larger difference in foot sizes for this solution.  One foot becomes larger because when we stand for long periods of time we often shift our weight back and forth, usually favoring one foot over the other.  This causes that foot to swell and flatten out more than the other foot.  If you want to stop this problem from occuring I suggest concentrating on where you shift your body weight when you stand and ease off your fat foot for a change.  You don’t have to buy two pairs of running shoes like the running shoe industry would like you to do.  Check out to get a matching pair of shoes plus great information for people like you.  See, everyone has a place on the Internet!  Isn’t it good to know that you don’t have to fight a fat foot problem alone!

As for the blisters, check out this article.  I actually am very blister prone so I have a lot of experience with them, but then again, I have a lot of experience with everything.  And whatever I lack in experience I compensate with my swagga.

31st Bridge of Flowers Classic Race 10K and 2 Mile Run

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009


It’s that time of year again, Saturday August 8th, to run the 31st Bridge of Flowers Classic Race.  The race started in 1979 in celebration of the Buckland Bicentennial and has served as a fun, scenic, challenging race for the 30 years since with only small modifications to the race course.  Come run and make it a successful 31st year!  The race runs along the Deerfield River in Western Massachusetts and contains all sorts of scenic wonderfulness that requires tough mindedness resulting in overall joyfulness.  This is a figure 8 course that is very spectator friendly; spectators are just as important as the runners you know.  The race starts and finishes in the little village with delightful and numerous wee shops, restaurants, and pubs.  What a great place to finish a race!  Get something to eat and enjoy a pint as you carb re-load after the run.  You deserve it!  Then check out the shops.  Buzzed shopping is always fun, just be careful not to knock anything over, the shops are wee.  Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts is located on the scenic and historic Mohawk Trail in the Berkshire foothills.  This beautiful town is rich with natural beauty, talented artisans, and an atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.  So this will feel like your 10k home course!


You can run the 10K starting at 9:00 or the 2-mile run starting at 8:20.  The 2-mile run is designed so you can raise money for the DIAL/SELF Youth and Community Services organization.  A great cause to support.  This is a fun race with plenty of spectators and live bands along the route to help motivate you.  At the end of the race there will be free massages and live music so stick around and enjoy the festivities.  Total prize money is $10,130 with prizes for all age division both Men and Women; however, you must be a member of USATF to recieve cash prizes.  Make sure you attend the Spaghetti Fest during the registration and packet pick-up on the Friday night before the race to get the carbs you need to compete at your highest level.  Competing at your highest level is always fun.

Go ahead and save $10 by registering online, I mean, obviously you are online right now.  Entry fees are $17 for participants under the age of 18, $25 for ages 18-70, and free for 71 years of age and older.  Man, I can’t wait until I’m 70 and can get free race entries!

So come run this Classic race in a classic New England town.  Run it for X amount of years and eventually you’ll be able to run it for free!  I love running for free.