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La Sportiva Vail Half Marathon

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Location: Vail, Colorado

Race Date: 7/21/14

Course Type: Trail

Race Distance: 1/2 Marathon

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The new Vail Half Marathon course will have the same start, climbing up from Golden Peak on a dirt service road to Windisch. Windisch is a climb up a steep two track leading you to a dirt service rd ( Gitalong road) for a short distance and turning left onto Mill Creek road. Runners will follow Mill Creek road for a mile or so and turn right onto South 6, a single track on your right hand side that will have you climbing for about of a mile through tall trees to Village Trail, a dirt service road climbing for another 2.5 miles. At Mid Vail you go right onto lower Lucy's Loop, crossing Village Trail to Upper Lucy's Loop, returning to Mid Vail. At Mid Vail you will connect with Kinickinick, a single track that will lead you behind the 10th restaurant and onto Mid Vail Escape. Mid Vail Escape is a single track that will have you climbing for several miles with plenty of elevation gain. Once at the top you will pop out onto Klosers Klimb, a service road that you will cross accessing the Grand Traverse. Enjoy the very scenic run to Eagles Nest atop the Gondola. This stretch of single track is located on the backside of Vail's famous back bowls running you through amazing fields of wildflowers with views of beautiful mountain ranges. This is about a 5mile stretch traversing the majority of the way.

There will be 4 Gatorade/Water stations along the course of the run. #1 aid station at 2.5 miles, the bottom of chair 10. The #2 @ 4.7 miles & #3 @ 6.5 miles will be at the Mid Vail Intersection. The #4 aid station will be at mile marker 9.2 miles, just before you enter onto the Grand Traverse and your final stretch in the race. The final four miles will be unassisted. Please be prepared.

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