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The 24/7 Superhero Obstacle Course Challenge

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Location: Johnson City, Texas

Race Date: 10/1/14

Course Type: Adventure Race

Race Distance: Other

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Welcome to the annual 24/7 Superhero Obstacle Course Race! During this 24/7 Superhero challenge, if you choose to accept it, you will be faced with 24 obstacles over 7 miles of unpredictable and unstable terrain. (Costume optional, but not recommended due to the distance)


Haven't been eating your wheaties in the morning? Then maybe our Superhero costumed themed half version (12 obstacles over 3.5 miles) is more your speed. (Costume encouraged, but still optional)

Here are some of the super villain themed obstacles created in an attempt to foil your plans of completing the challenges.

Nocturno - Terror Tunnel (Dark tunnel crawl)

Mr. Sand Man - Sand Bagger (30 pound sandbag carry)

The Mud Monster- The Slippery Slope (Mud Wall Climb)

Very Mad Max - Well, you'll see.

The Hay Maker- The Bale Buster (Hay Bale Climb)

Lady Fish Net- Fish Net Scramble (Fish net low crawl)

And the Dreaded Mystery Man- Unknown surprise obstacle as a last ditch effort to stop you from completing your challenge.

Once you have completed your challenge and saved the day, a superhero party full of festivities awaits you. There will be food, beer (one free beer per registrant 21 and over), music, games, costume contest, and much more.

Each paid entry receives

24/7 event shirt

Free beer (Two beers per participant 21 or older)

Custom 24/7 finisher medal


Post - race snacks and water

Without ever stepping one foot on the 24/7course, you have answered the call of being a Superhero. A portion of the proceeds of the 24/7 challenge will benefit Kidds Kids. Kidd Kraddik, of the nationally syndicated morning show of Kidd Kraddik in the morning, founded this charity in 1991. Every year Kidd's Kids takes 40-50 chronically ill or physically challenged children and their families for and all expenses paid, fun-filled vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida, giving them a rare opportunity to leave behind hospital and treatment centers to share laughter and fun in a magical environment.

A Superhero is a Superhero 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which is why a portion of the proceeds also is given to the local law enforcement entity in which our races are held. The proceeds will support a program that honors our fallen heroes who have given the ultimate sacrifice protecting the citizens of this great country, the United States of America.

Directions to The Ranch at Flat Creek Crossing (From Austin)

Estimated Drive Time: 1 Hour

1. Take 290 West out of Austin, through Oak Hills, Drippings Springs and then Henley.

2. Turn right on 3232 - this turn is very easy to find:

It is just over a mile past the small town of Henley and is marked by a sign pointing the way to

Pedernales Falls State Park.

3. Stay on 3232 until it "T's" into FM 2766 (almost at the park entrance - FM 2766

becomes County Road 201 at this point).

4. Turn RIGHT (a left will take you to Johnson City) and go past the park entrance - DO NOT go in the park gate.

5. Continue a little over 2 MILES down County Road 201 (you'll notice that even though you did not go

through the park gate, you are still traveling through the park). You will pass an electrical power transfer

station on your left at about 1 mile - at 2 miles you will cross a cattle guard and notice the ranch's white

wooden fence on your left.

6. Continue a few hundred yards over a slight hill.

7. Take a left at the ranch entrance: You'll see a sign that says "FLAT CREEK CROSSING."

Directions to The Ranch at Flat Creek Crossing (From San Antonio)

Estimated Drive Time 1 hour

1. From downtown, take US 281 North towards Johnson City.

2. US 281 N and Hwy 290 W merge together. Keep heading north on US 281N.

3. Turn right on RR 2766. It is a small street so look for the Exxon on the right and turn there.

4. RR 2766 become Pedernales Falls Road.

5. Turn left on Ulrich Rd and Flat Creek Crossing is on the left.

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