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Spartan Race

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Location: Smithville, Texas

Race Date: 3/26/14

Course Type: Adventure Race

Race Distance: Other

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added on 3/27/11 by Chris Barber

Two words come to mind: "private ranch". To me, that says green light to create whatever fun Spartan Sprint adventure you want to imagine, and my imagination went wild at this venue. Definitely bring a change of clothes and a towel to this race, as this is Texas and anything goes in Texas, right? Rockyhill Ranch is known for its single track mountain biking trails and we will see how well you can navigate these while jumping in and out of water/mud the entire route. 3.1 miles of creativity awaits those that want to brave this Sprint Spartan. Spartans......are you ready? Gladiators, Slippery Mountain, FIRE, and our 5' Over/Under/Through obstacles are just a few of the surprise's that await you.

578 FM 153

Smithville, TX 78957

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