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Location: Gainesville, Georgia

Trail Length: 8 miles

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added on 2/29/08 by mudhunny

I-85N to I-985, Exit 16-Oakwood/Dawsonville. Take a left/west off the exit ramp. Immediately turn right/north at the stoplight onto Frontage Road. Follow the little brown signs to Elachee Nature Center. There is a bike parking lot past the golf course.

Miles of wooded singletrack trails. Most of the climbs are fairly gradual and there's one big stream crossing. Watch out for mountain bikers!


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Guest on 12/13/12
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Review: Awesome trails. 21 miles and so much diversity, this trail system rocks!

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Guest on 2/3/12
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Review: 20 miles of MTB trails, plus another 7 miles of hiking only across the interstate at Elatchee Nature Center. The trails are flat to rolling hills. There are 2 trail heads (tortoise and coyote, app. 2 1/2 miles each) at the parking lot. Tortoise leads to the remainder of the trails. Very smooth trails with only a few rocks and roots. Elatchee trails across the interstate have lots of rocks and roots everywhere. There are a series of smaller trails towards the front, and a 4.5 mile loop to the back of the park.

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Chris Barber on 4/23/09
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Review: This are some really good trails. Mostly singletracks. Gradual hills but enough to make you work for it. There are a number of different loops but there are maps and signs out on the trials. A lot of fun!

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