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Ft. Bragg Sapper Rd. Fenceline Trail

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Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Trail Length: 5 miles

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added on 2/18/09 by runbot

On Fort Bragg, next to All-American Highway. Take Gruber Road exit right after entering Fort Bragg I.D. checkpoint (immediate right). Take right at end of exit ramp, go over bridge, take left at traffic light, which is Sapper Road. Follow to the end, which is trail head.

5 miles of trails on the south side of All-American, but you can pick up 3 more miles by going under an overpass to the north side of All-American. Mostly flat, small elevations, parallels Fort Bragg fenceline for a couple of miles. Free, SAFE Parking, on post.


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Chris Barber on 2/18/09
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Review: This is a great run with a good bit of singletrack running. If my memory serves me correctly, this run's surface isn't as loose as a lot of the sandy running trails around Ft. Bragg. You can gain access to the base without having a military ID but you will have to have your insurance, driver's license and car checked at the gate in the visitor's lane. A small price to pay for a legit trail run...or you could join the Army.

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