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Northwest Trail (Wakazoo Trail)

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Location: Fennville, Michigan

Trail Length: 15 miles

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added on 11/19/17 by Paula

Some parking areas are at the Allegan State Game HQ, where you can run the ski/bike trails to the yellow marks of the Northwest Trail. Another spot to park is off 117th Ave. in between 51st and 52nd Street. Another parking spot is off 120th Ave. at the northern most end of 51st Street. Both North and South Swan Creek parking lots are available also, which are off 118th Ave., in between 44th and 46th Street.

This flat, mostly dirt and sand trail, circles through the Allegan State Game Area in Fennville, traversing primarily through the forest. There is one area to run of a dirt road on 52nd Street in between 118th and 120th Ave. The equestrian trails are there to use also. The Northwest Trail runs along side North Swan Creek Trail and South Swan Creek Trail, both is not as flat around the creek and more of a challenge to run. The Northwest Trail (or Wakazoo Trail as the Boy Souts call it) is a hiking trail. Hiking trails in the Allegan State Game Area are marked with yellow blazes on the trees.


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