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Location: Kennesaw, Georgia

Trail Length: 16 miles

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added on 2/29/08 by mudhunny

75 North to Barrett Parkway
Right on Barett Parkway to Old 41
Left on Old 41
Visitor Center on left after 1 mile

About an 800 ft elevation gain in 1 mile.


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Guest on 12/13/12
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Review: Great trail system. Beautiful scenery, nice doubletrack, and moderate hills are pervasive here. I am definitely lucky that I can run from my neighborhood to the trail.

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Guest on 10/10/11
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Review: The best place to trail run in metro Atlanta and maybe the state of Georgia. It's so versatile, you can go short and run directly up the mountain or run up the mountain in the challenging Pigeon Hill or go long all the way to Kolbs Farm 16 miles. Options galore!! Free Parking

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Guest on 6/6/09
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Review: Kennesaw Mountain offers several great runs and it's easy to avoid the larger groups of people. You can run trails near the mountain consisting of rolling hills and stream crossings or you can run up and over the mountain 2 or 3 different ways. It's a great place to run.

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Chris Barber on 4/22/09
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