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Location: Pine Mountain, Georgia

Trail Length: 0 miles

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added on 4/18/11 by singletracks

Located between High Falls and Indian Springs State Parks.

Excellent trails for running.


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Guest on 10/15/12
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Review: There's a reason that The North Face has held it's Endurance Challenge event at Pine Mountain Trail for many years. It's a great trail system, well maintained & marked. Friendly people at every turn both on and off the trial. Why not make a weekend of it and camp a couple of miles from the trail at FD Roosevelt State Park and run two or three times? Tip -- waterproof Tyvek maps of the trails are available at the park office for a fee.

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Guest on 6/12/12
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Review: Absolutely must be in the top 5 trails in the state! There is so much variety here. All 43ish miles are single track ranging from easy to technical, pine needles to rocky, flat to mountainous. Plenty of water crossings, scenic overlooks, a wide range of flora and fauna plus camping, waterfalls, and you can even jump in the spring fed Liberty Bell Pool at the end of your run!

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