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Amelia Earhart Park

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Location: Miami, Florida

Trail Length: 4 miles

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added on 9/28/09 by singletracks

Amelia Earhart Park
401 East 65th Street
Miami, Florida 33177
Phone: (305) 685-8389
Hours of Operation Park: Sunrise to Sunset

Great trail running spot.


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Guest on 12/16/12
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Review: Not sure why no one has reviewed this park yet. The full length of Amelia's trails are around 7.6 miles. Amelia has mostly smooth trails that vary from beginner to intermediate. These areas are good for newer trail runners. The advanced section is very hilly, with steep inclines and declines. Def the most challenging trails in S Fla, Oleta is a cake walk by comparison. Most all of the trails are covered by tree canopy. Pretty trails for an urban area. Great place to train that is challenging and enjoyable. Also easier on your feet than other parks because they don't use a ton of gravel.

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