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An old boss of mine once said that he doesn't hire people that didn't play team sports before, to that I say, "Running is an individualistic team sport." The Peachtree...
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What is Trail Running? Running done on any trail; whether it be singletrack or forest roads. Mountain running, ultra running, cross-country running, fast packing, and fell running can all be considered types of trail running because they are primarily done on trails. Running trails are often inaccessible by road beyond the trailhead. Trails typically have varying terrain like hills, mountains, deserts, forests, or valleys. Trail runners often enjoy the challenge of running on trails with tight switchbacks and obstacles like rocks, trees, and roots. Runners hit the trails for many different reasons but most point to the challenge of varying terrain and the solitude of being so close to nature.

Why you should try trail running. It strengthens different muscles that road running typically does not. Running on uneven surfaces improves balance and agility. It increases your mental toughness because only you know if you slow down on a trail run. Trail running gets you closer to nature, which in turn makes attaining a runner's high easier. It reduces the likelihood of injury because of the soft surfaces and the range of varying motions, evening the stress of running on all of your different muscles and joints. Cleaner air and less traffic is a big draw if you live in an urban environment. But perhaps the best part of trail running is the primal thrill you get of using your body for what it was made to be - a long distance all-terrain vehicle.